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HELPP!!! I need advice Lock Rss

Hey there,
I am 28 weeks pregnant and very excited!!! However since I am a first time mum and really new to all of this, I really need some help from you guys!! Are there any really good products out there that you would recommend?? Gosh I have no idea - there is so much choice!! That and any tips on the whole experience would be really appreciated!!!!
Thanks so Much

proud new mummy

hey how are you and the pregnancy going? im a first time mum aswell i had kayla in January shes great, i never expected it be like this its so full on. But i love it. When are you due?
what products are you after for yourself or bubs? what have you brought so far?

take care

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel


Its good too see that your so excited, just don't get too stressed out. YOu think your bad now, just wait til your nesting period kicks in, you'll probably drive everyone bonkers. Anyway Carseat is a must i think that the reversable ones are the best because then you are only buying one instead of 2 or sometimes 3, a layback stroller woule be handy, also means that you will ony have to buy one. If you can't afford a cot yet then a basinett but then you will end up just having to buy a cot anyway. A friend of mine used to sleep her bub in her pram all the time becasue thats where she slept the best. Bunny rugs are a must, jumpsuits(all in one) Singlets, booties or get suits that cover the feet, if you are only going to be breastfeeding then you actually don't need to sterilise bottles or the continers just wash them with hot water, breast milk has a natural sterilising agent in it. I just use my hand to express, breast pads for when your milk comes in ( i could't live without them ). You will probably find that youwill buy way too much of everything my advice is to keep all your receipts so you can take back whatever you don't use. As for the size for the hospital it really depends. Everyone kept telling me to take 000 and i was like no i'll take 0000, ends up that i needed 00000's and she was not a prem baby she was 3 dys over she is over 3 months now and still only in 0000's and still fits into 00000's as well and she is not a failure to thrive she has good weight gain and great output. Don't stress if you find when you get home that you are missing things, just go out and buy them its more fun shopping for them when they are with you.

Good luck

Tiddles, Vic, 3/1/2006 dd

Hi Mookie, ok here goes....

I really stressed out about what to wear in the hospital as I usually don't wear anything to bed. Ended up wearing a large t'shirt and PJ pants. I was up going to the loo every few hours. And the t'shirt was fine to breastfeed with. I just stuffed it through the bra strap (or I've also heard suggestions of taking a clothes peg so that you can peg your t'shirt out of the way).

Nappy bag is a must - I got a red GR8X bag from Target (about $90) which is excellent - loads of pockets and folds out to a change mat for when we're out and about. But you probably don't NEED that straight away....

Hire a baby capsule for the car if you can. Mine was about $65 for 6 months I think. But the RAA recommend the use of the capsule for the first 6 months.

We've just been using a borrowed pram for now but have ordered a Phil & Teds buggy. This is a absolute mindfield and may be better to wait until bubs has arrived as you might not want to go anywhere initially anyway (although we've had to wait for our pram to come in....)

Baby Bjorn carrier or similar. We use ours all the time. Got it on ebay and saved about $40!

In terms of products we use HEAPS of baby wipes. i personally like the Johnson & Johnson ones. Also have heaps of nappy rash samples that we're getting through. Nappies - Huggies of course! I use disposable breast pads (worth noting that I've tried the Pigeon and Rite-Aid ones and didn't like them although they are slimline ones. Each individual pad came wrapped in plastic! Such a waste I think). Take 3 packs of maternity pads to hospital (I used Kotex). They may also have pads there but I didn't like them as much. I stopped heavy bleeding after about 3 or 4 weeks.

Clothes - Wondersuits or similar all-in-one jumpsuits are the best (tops always ride up and pants seem to fall down). Bonds singlets are great for underneath everything. I also bought 3 Dymples wraps from Big W that we use all the time as they are big and soft. Watch out for the size cos some are TINY- might fit around your baby initially but will be useless once your baby grows. And we have heaps of cloth nappies that we use for EVERYTHING except as a nappy!!! We even use them over the cot sheets, couch, bouncer etc as its easier to wash the nappies....

I've got a Avent ISIS pump and its great. It came with 2 x 125ml bottles with newborn teats. I've only just bought 2 x larger 290ml (?) bottles. And I bought some Avent sterilized containers for freezing the milk.

Ooooh, also I used Lansinoh on my nipples in the hospital. Expect to get sore nipples initally. Do not give up! Its worth perservering, and my nipples went back to normal after about a week. But the Lansinoh was great. And it was good on Avas lips too cos she got sucking blisters and her lips started to peel. I think it's available from pharmacies - I've just got a small tube that a friend gave me.

Another great tip - freeze HEAPS of meals before your baby is born. We are still diving into our freezer for dinner! Its extremely hard to find the time and inclination to cook....

Um, can't think of anything else I bothered to buy initially. I'll let you know if I do. Your enthusiasm is quite catching! Good luck with it all - its amazing!!!!

Mandy, and baby Ava May (born 02.03.06), Adelaide

Hello, I just posted a LONG message that has gone to the moderator for some reason.....

Anyway, just thought of something else. We use Sorbolene cream for everything. Soap and moisturiser - they use it in the hospital too. I bought everything from shampoo to baby bath oils etc, but haven't used any of it.

Mandy, and baby Ava May (born 02.03.06), Adelaide

i suggest that you ring up the differant campanys and ask for samples so you can try the different products for yourself everyone has differant opions about differant produts i done that and found some of the brands people say are good i didnt think they were so good

mum of georgina born 17 . 4. 06 first timer


I found the most useful things to:

Take to the hospital:
*1-2 packs maternity pads (which are not dissimilar from Super pads) - I prefered the ones with wings
*at least 3 flanelette wraps cos the hospital is cold
*sized 0000 clothes for bub (mine was 9lb5oz, 55cm and this seemed to be the best size for her) and socks if your suits don't have feet
*newborn sized disposable nappies (roughly 8 per day while at hospital)
*baby wipes enough for about 3-4 wipes per nappy change
*3 maternity bras and breast pads
*nighties or oversized t-shirts - don't be afraid to look scruffy in order to stay comfy

At home:
*basinett for bedroom - bub should sleep in your room for at least the first few months cos you wont want to get out of bed let alone walk to bubs room
*change table at above waist height
*baby bath without bumps in the bottom, again at above waist height
*portacot with basinett and changetable for the room where you spend most of your time
*a microwave steriliser (make sure all the bottles and teats and dummies you buy are compatible)
*a rocker or swing or bouncer - bubs love the motion
*a playgym cos after the first 3 weeks or so they start getting interested in toys and it can amuse them for hours
*baby wash for the bub's bath
*cloth nappies for when bub spews (which happens a LOT)

Out and about:
*a good sized nappy bag
*an adjustable back pram/stroller which can recline all the way down
*a head support so bubs head doesn't roll from side to side in the pram or in the car
*a convertible car seat so you don't waste money on a capsule

*make sure buttons/zips etc. are at the front, not back
*layers are better than trying to put heavy fleecy clothes on bub, so get plenty of muslin and light flannelette wraps. if bub gets hot, you can just take off a wrap instead of undressing and redressing bub.
*socks are good to keep bub's feet warm
*remember you can always sell clothes on ebay after you're finished if you're not planning on having another bub or don't want to keep them in storage.

After you get home, if you're having trouble with your breasts and/or nipples, try a breast pump. I use Avent and that has helped me tremendously. Forget about nipple shields if you have sore nipples, they're pretty much useless.

Sam, mum to Summer 14/03/06

i am a mum of four and things keep changing all the time, i use an avent hand pump and a microwave sterilizer. in the long run its cheaper. and only takes five mins and everything is sterilized
hope this helps
i had my baby on 17th april
we had like every thing. cradel cot pram and bassinet, bath and change table. car seat, lots of clothes (90% 2nd hand given to me)
but the think i love most is the towling nappies. we were going to use cloth nappies, but found it easier and quicker with disposable. the towling nappies we use as spew rugs, u just put it on ur shoulder, pillow, it helps u protect your clothes, its there to wipe the face.
i am thinking of using the nappies for nappies when he gets bigger and they fit better then.
but my partner wanted every thing nuk. we have nuk sterilizing unit bottles, teats, dummies nothing but nuk, but i DONOT recomend getting a bottle warmer if u have a microwave. it takes longer to do bottles. and we wasted $60.
but if i had a choice, i would have gone cheap. they do the same job i think.
Hi Mookie,

Kaitlin was bron nearly 3 weeks ago and like you I had no idea what I would need! Here's a list of things I've found are very handy:

Cloth nappies - Kaitlin is in disposables but I use them as burp cloths - they're fantastic. At first I had 12 but the weather here is pretty crap at the moment and its hard to dry everything so I bought another 12.

Bunny rugs - everyone wraps Bubs different but we've found the 80cmx80cm and the 100cmx100cm are the best. We have flannelette ones because it's cold here.

Singlets - we're using the Bonds singlets and they're fantastic. You can also get singletsuits that snap together at the bottom so they don't ride up.

Bonds Wondersuits - The best invention ever! We have lots because I bought heaps of mint and yellow ones before she was born, then wanted pink ones too. Also, target make similar ones that are a bit fleecy, they're good too and a bit cheaper, especially now while the sales are on.

A Nappy Wrapper - OH MY GOD this is SO good! every nappy change is easy and you don;t have to fuss with a dirty nappy, just put it in, twist, and the smell is gone! It's especially great in the middle of the night when you don't want to be running to the bin in the middle of the night!

Milton steriliser - Just one tablet in 2 Litres of water, put your dummies etc in for 15 minutes and they're done! All you have to do is refresh the water solution every 24 hours. Heaps better than microwaving or boiling!

A thermometre for the bath - ours is a duck on top which floats on the water, underneath it tells you the temperature so you don't burn bubs. They're about $6 from Big W, K-Mart etc.

Nipple shields - I have the Avent ones and they're great for when your nipples get grazed or cracked. They're really thin so Bubs still gets the impression of your nipple but it doesn't hurt. Also, Lansinoh nipple cream.

That's all I can think of for now - there are so many great products out there so just trust your judgement.

I hope this has helped - good luck with your bub and everything!

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