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Feeling guilty Lock Rss

Hi there everyone,

This is my first time writing on this site. I have been reading all the posts since I was about 3 months pregnant and have found so much information....that I have never really thought about writing anything myself.... until now...

Has anyone else had experience with an ear infection?

[Edited on 30/08/2007]

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Don't feel bad, you are definitely not a bad mother, don't ever thing that and put yourself down like that! It happens is all i can say, ear infections are very common in babies and are caused from many different reasons!
Don't feel bad, you haven't done anything bad, i think Mitch was about 14 or so weeks when he had his first ear infection!
Hope she is feeling better and she's not prone to them, they are common especially when teething!
Don't feel bad, feel happy that you have got stuff to help fix it now and it will be all better soon!
Chin up, you're doing great!!!
And remember we are all here for you!!!!

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