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Hot Days Lock Rss

Hi there,

It is sooooooooo hot at the moment! and has been for the past few days, we dont have air conditioning in our home and the babies room seems to be the hottest...

Its making sleep difficult for Ella...

Does anyone have any tips or ideas that might help cool her down and get her sleeping???

1st bub "Ella" born 24/10/05

Hi There,

My little man is 14 weeks, and I was really confused about how to dress him, when I called tresillian they told me this,

Dess them the same way you are dressed but add an extra layer.

So on a day like today its really hot, so I have him in a singlet suit and he is wrapped.

Do you wrap your baby? if you do, I would just put a singlet suit or just singlet and nappy and a wrap, if you dont wrap just put a light blanket over her.

But like tresillian said to me, if they are to hot/cold they will wake up and not settle.

I also if it is really hot, put a fan in Aiden's room not directly on him either faced to the floor or roof.

Hope this helps,

If you have anymore probs that your not sure about ring tresillian they have a 24hr parent line (number is in your blue book)

Hi again,

maybe try some cooled boiled water in a bottle, that may help cool her down.

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