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Hard to clean bits... Lock Rss

Does anyone have tips on how to clean ears and belly buttons.
My daughter has a belly button that is hard to clean and seems to collect "stuff". It's well past the "stump" stage.
Also her ears get really waxy (runs in the family I think) and I know you're not allowed to put cotton buds anywere near them so is there any other way? They can get a bit smelly, and with our humid environment I don't want her getting an infection.
Hi there,
My son gets wax too( i guess they all do hey!) I use the baby ear buds you get from the super market. I get the J&J brand. They wont go the whole way beacuse of the way they are shaped so i presume they are safe to use.


Rachael, Kobe 21/8/2005

Hi Carline,

With my first bub she was the same. I used the J & J Baby Buds. They are designed so that you can't actually poke them into bubs ear. They are just right for cleaning around the ear without hurting bub.

With her belly button, the nurse at the hospital showed me how to clean it because her stump came off really quickly. She just used wet cotton wool and gave it a really good clean. I was surprised at just how thorough she was because I was being really delicate.

Good luck

Mum to (Olivia 3 Feb 2004) & (Emily 26 Jan 2006)

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