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My poor bubby Lock Rss

hi all

my post is similar to ashtonsmum ( kirsty) about teething. my bub is 10 weeks old and has been so settled and everything aince day one. In the last few days she has become really unsettled chewing on her fists and sucking hard on her dummy. She has also developed a pimply kindof nappy rash all over her bottom and starting on her vagina (sorry) could this be teething i can see two teeth in the bottom of her mouth two teeth at 10 weeks at once??? help please should i give her panadol when she cried she seems in pain she has no trouble burping or fluffing i switched from huggies to snugglers about a week ago could this be it??? they dont leak and she gets changed straight away and every two hours or less to make sure she is always dry. We have also gone to full formula with one breast milk feed a day but she has been doing this for about a month having both that is. She is still pooing three to fiur times a day so i dont think its the food issues. Sorry to go on but hubby and i are beginign to get to our wits end seing her in pain???
yep, it's the teeth. Same with Bella who is 14 weeks but has been teething for a couple of weeks. I give panadol (usually try to hold out till before night sleep) a. Try holding a teething ring in her mouth for her to chew. Also let her have your finger to chew on which gives you the opportunity to massage her gums. Even though you can see the teeth, they can take weeks to actually break through. They can also pop out and go back down.

Fun stuff isn't it!! I feel so much better and more confident second baby. Hope this helps.
You might want to check that the rash isn't thrush! Just a thought.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

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