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  5. white spots on her tongue???

white spots on her tongue??? Lock Rss


my daughter is 2 months old, she is being bottle fed and she has a patch of white spots on her tongue and on the roof of her jaw and a few spots on the side of her gums.

It doesn't feel lumpy

i don't think shes worried about it, but she does'nt cry so i guess it doesn't bother her.

Does anyone know what it is?

Should i be worried?

will it go away???

Hi rene23,

It definately sounds like oral thrush. Go and get it checked out, sometimes it can become painful and yucky. Don't worry it's nothing serious, just get it looked at before it becomes a problem. Good Luck!!

hi there!
i am an expert on thrush!! i have reply'd on a post in caring for your newborn called "oral thrush or milk" so go in there and there is some tips on how to get rid of thrush!!
hope this helps
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