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Very runny poo!! Lock Rss

My 12 week old breastfed daughter has still not managed a solid or even solidish poo. The nurse at CYF said this should of started happening at about 8 weeks. She frequently "squirts" whilst I am feeding her, I can hear her tummy gurgling and then she grunts, pulls her legs up and out it comes. She is still pooing every day, the nurse also thinks it is common for a breastfed baby of this age to go a week without a poo.
Appreciate any advice

Mum to Sophie born 11aug05


My little one is 2 days short of 11 weeks and she does exactly the same thing. Once she squirts it out I rush to change her because its just everywhere!! and sooo runny, I used to worry that it was diahrrea but my pediatrition said it was normal. Im not worried as she is perfectly happy, well feed and gaining heaps of weight.

The nurse should know better than to say that she should be doing 1 poo a week, every baby is so different and it only stresss us new mums out whaen we think something isnt going according to the 'Timetable". Dont worry, sound fine to me, however if you are really worried just visit your GP yet I really dont think you need to. I'll stop rambling now!!!
My 9.5 week old DD has runny poo. She pulls some classic faces when it comes out and it tends to be accompained by quite a bit of air. I have never been told that BF baby poop changes at all untill they get solid food.
Although I have heard it is not unusual for breastfed babies to go several days without a poop I have never heard of any actual cases myself and when my DD goes a bit longer than normal she usually makes up the volume when she does smile Wouldn't it be nice to only have to change one poopy nappy a week!
Wouldn't it also be nice if we were all told the same things and didn't have to worry about what is "normal" for our baby? smile
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