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Has anybody else had trouble picking up on their baby's cues. If so are there any quick ways of learning each individual cry

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I have had heaps of trouble picking up on Taylas cues as well. I think if u ask your child health nurse she should be able to help.
When my daughter is really tired she has a high pitched cry(more like a scream) and when shes hungry its not quite as urgent.Hope this helps
Jessika is 3 months old and I like to think I know her cries and sounds now but sometimes we still have to try everythingi.e a bottle, a new nappy, a walk around the house, a toy etc, etc,etc, to work out what the problem is. She tricks well too now. Cry Cry, mum comes and she is smiling before i even get there, watch out they're tricksters.

Baby: Jessika

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