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Any advice to relieve teething pain?? Lock Rss

My son will be 3 months in 2 days and I've noticed the last few days he's been grizzly and crying a lot (which is very unusual for him as he only cries when he's hungry). He's been inconsolable (sp?), even when I try to hold him and comfort him, but I hadn't even considered he was teething until last night. I've noticed he's been dribbling (a lot) and shoving his fists in his mouth, along with the bib, his dummy (which he rubs against his gums when I put it in his mouth), my shoulder, his rattles, (practically anything). Today I checked his gums and sure enough the bottom gums are white (especially where the fangs are meant to grow), and his lower gums are very hard.
Is there anything anyone can suggest I can do to help relieve the pain?, as I've been told the teething gels are no good, and he still doesn't have full control of his hands so the rattles and teethers don't last very long in his mouth.
My son's first 2 teeth came through at 4 1/2 months, I used bonjela and found it fantastic. I think it has aspirin in it which isn't very good for children under 12 I have been told. But it does say on the tube you can use it on babies 4 months and up. I've also found paracetamol helps to relieve some of the pain - which is probably more suitable for a 3 month old. But as with any medication - including the gels - you don't want to use them too much. Cooled teething rings worked for us, I've also heard people using a face washer with cool water on it for their babies to chew - it might stay in his mouth a bit better. Hopefully they'll come through pretty quickly!

All the best
hello again,
i've figured out why he was in sooooo much pain!!! i thought he only had 2 teeth coming (the bottom fang teeth) but he's also got both the bottom middle teeth coming........ so my poor bubba has 4 teeth on the way. i bought him the happy baby gummy and it seems to help, even though i have to hold it in for him as he doesn't know how!!!
but all in all, he's a little trooper, he's only been getting grumpy towards the evening and i haven't been giving him panadol too much, and i went to buy the bonjela, but it says on the pack not to use it for babies under 4 months.
thanks for the advice, and i hope they come pretty quick too!!!
how old is your son now??? i hope he went through it without too much hassle!!!
Hi Francia
My son is now 8 months old and has 8 teeth - the latest 2 came through a couple of days ago. They seem to come in pairs for him every 2 or 3 weeks, he has 4 at the top and 4 at the bottom. I'm pretty lucky as he hasn't had too much trouble with any of them - just a bit unsettled at bedtime for a couple of days while they break through the gums. It's horrible to see them in pain though isn't it - especially when they can't communicate very well. I saw those happy baby gummies advertised I think I might have to buy a couple because now everytime I try to put bonjela on, he bites my finger!!! OUCH!!!

Happy Teething!!!

Hi Jasmine,
Thanks again for your post. How cute, he has 8 teeth!!! LOL, he bites your finger when you put bonjela!!! Even though I know it hurts him (and I hate seeing him in pain) I can't wait until I see little teeth!!!!!! Which suburb are you from cause I know those Happy Baby Gummy's are hard to find. I had to ring the company to find out and then I had to ring all the different stores to see if they stock it.
Anyway, if you ever want to chat my email is:
[email protected]
Thanks again for your post.
I hope your son keeps soldiering on through it all.
what I found helped with my oldest was giving her a wedge of lemon to suck on. I know it sounds quite yuck but it honestly worked! She would be content for hours unlike with bonjela where she'd be wanting more. I hope it helps. Good luck

chch,13mth old

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