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She hates the bath! Lock Rss

HI Everyone

My daughter hates the bath -or not so much the bath but when she has to get out afterwards. She screams and screams until shes dressed. Any ideas on how to get her to like the whole bathtime thing?
My son is exactly the same. He loves being in the bath, but when he gets out to be dried, he hates it and cries. I have just come to accept it, and it is becoming better each time. I think he cries because he is cold and it is usually time for a feed. You could try bathing her at different times and see if it makes a difference. I can't really offer much advice, only to let you know that I have a baby who does the same thing and I'm hoping it will get better as he gets used to having a bath.

SA, 2 boys

my baby is the same, she loves playing in the bath and is ok as she is taken out of the bath. But, the minute you put her on the change table she cries and cries until she is dressed and getting her breastfeed.
I think it's that they are tired and know that after bathtime means a feed then bed for them and they just can't wait anymore/too tired.

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old

My 12 week old daughter was exactly the same. I tried everything and finally found that feeding her before the bath was the answer. She was much more relaxed and even let me give her a massage after. Drying and dressing is no longer a problem and she has a really long sleep after. Hope this is of some help to you.

Michelle, NSW, 3mth baby girl

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