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Hi everyone, I'm due to have a baby boy in a few weeks and was wondering about todays thoughts on circumcision?
I would love to hear of peoples stories, opinions and experiences!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Tepe, I am the mum of a 14 mth old boy and my husband and I didn't have him circumcised our decision was based on a number of reasons. Our doctor is actually Jewish and when we discussed it with him he recommended not having it done as he believed that it this day and age it is uneccesary. He also said that despite the fact that he is a practicing Jew and rather high up in the church he decided not to have his son done. One of his reasons was that it such an uncommon procedure he didn't want his son to go through uneccessary teasing at school something my Dr faced 30 years ago. Another deciding factor was talking to a number of midwife's all who said that they will not participate in circumcions as they think it is cruel, now these were woman of varring ages some who had there sons done years ago. At the end of the day though it is an individual decision and one that needs to be an educated one. Though my husband is done we decided that our son didn't need to be done just for this reason or any other reason. It is a tough decision to make and I don't envy you having to make it.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Thankyou for sharing that with me! All these things will help me make my decision!
And only just over a month to do that!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Prior to having our son, we discussed circs with our paediatrician. I have always been against it whilst my husband was for it (being done himself).

In the year prior to me becoming pregnant my nephew had a terrible infection and had to be circumcised at the age of 7. The pain he went through not being able to wee was so hard to hear about. Also, a friend's two boys got the same infection and have recently been circed too.

When I had my son I was forced to make the decision and it was a hard one to make.

On advice from my paediatrician we had our son circumcised. The doctor said that having it done eliminates penile cancer as well as many other things including infection.

FYI - 5 out of 7 boys in my new parents group were circumcised.

Personally I am not fussed by the look of the penis once circumcised but I just don't want my little boy going through the pain of what my nephew went through.

Dee, NSW, 13mth toddler

These health issues are the ones that stay in my mind! My sister in law nurses the elderly and wow can she tell some stories like yours.
I think i am leaning towards having it done but i dont want him to be the minority, so i am glad you told me those stats from your mothers group!
Thanks heaps for telling me your story!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

I was of the same mind too, worry that he would be thought of as weird by his peers. Just like in the 70's when almost all boys were done. I have heard of people having to sneaking find doctors who perform this surgery and made to feel awful. If you have an empathatic doctor or paediatrician he/she will not push you either way but will give you the facts. Remember, so people will give you advice based on what they "think" is happening. The stats I told you about are real stats. Also - more info, your paediatrician (if you have one) may also be a surgeon, ours was. So I was in hospital and on day 5 Daniel was circed. It was scary to send him away for the half an hour but you wouldn't have even noticed he'd had anything done when he came back. We were about to leave but had to hang around until he did a wee and of course that took hours - little bugger! Good luck. I would be interested to see how you go. Dee
Thanks Dee, I will let you know when it all happens!
I'm due 4th july.

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

hi, i had my son 6 weeks ago and all through my pregnancy i and the hospital midwives and paediatrician knew that i was having a boy and not once was it mentioned or discussed. so ultimately my son wasnt done and honestly i dont know if i would of.

kathleen, sa, 6 week old baby

Hi, I know what a hard decision you have to make!! We eventually had our son done when he was 6 months so he could have anasthetic. We had no probs and apart from a cry when he weed the 1st time he was fine. I think it was worse for me than for him!!!! Our decision was a personal one and after talking to a couple of surgeons not one could really give us any reasons for not doing it. The chances of something going wrong is very small.
Good luck with your new baby!!

Janelle Vic

Hi Tepe, I have a 1 month old son who is due to be circumcised in about a week. I had my three yr old done when he was a baby too. I found I had no problems I had a brilliant doctor in Brisbane do it. We are taking our new baby to him as well. I was a bit apprehensive at first but after weighing the pros and cons we decided to do it. My husband has been circumcised so he also wanted his boys to be done. I also have a 10 yr old who isn't done ( I was only young when I had him so wasn't told about circumcision ) and wish he had been circumcised. He has had a couple of infections. It is a hard decision to make but I suggest you see a doctor and find out all the information for and against circumcision before you make a decision

Erika,QLD,1mth baby , 3yr old & 10 yr old

i have a little three month old boy who is uncircumcised. i was going to get it done but then i watched a documentry on cable about circumcision and it was do graphic and when they said that it is extremely painful for the baby, i changed my mind.
even if i had another boy i wouldn't get it done. I also heard that uncircumcised boys have a better sexual experience in latter life!!

tash,qld,1st baby

I always said that if i had a boy i would have him done. But after resurching the matter and seeing a program on a currentafair about bog jobs done on boys and boys that had been turned into girls because of it, we decided not to and if there was a health problem later to deal with it then.
Why put him through pain for something that is now more of a fashion statment than a health one.

Michelle,QLD,5yr boy & 2yr boy

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