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Newborn Nappies keep leaking Lock Rss

Hi guys,

I'm a happy new daddy and my bub is 5 days old. We were discharged from the hospital yesterday and started using Huggies Newborns since then.

However, I must be doing something wrong cos everytime the little fella wee wees, it always leaks and goes all over his bassinette. Does anyone have any ideas what I might be doing wrong? I fasten the nappy nice and snuggly around the waist so I'm guessing it's probably leaking from around the legs.

Many thanks in advance for any help.
i'm assumming it's a boy as you said little fella. have you tried facing his willy down and not up? Also make sure singlets and clothes aren't caught in the nappy as the wee will travel up the cloth ans saturate the bed. If your not already make sure that the nappy change is the last thing you do at night, and when he wakes for a feed always change his nappy. If this doesn't help, i really don't know what else to do.
Oh one more thing. In the supermarkets (Woolies S.A.) you can buy extra absorbant nappy liners that go into clotha nd disposible nappys.
Good luck and happy washing!
It is so good to see a dad taking control and asking the really important questions.

We had the same problem when we brought our little boy home. You have to pull out the sides (like flaps or wings) of the nappies. This will ensure he is dry for ages. The huggies are the best. We have been using them from birth.

When they start to leak we know it's time to go up a size. We put a fresh nappy on Daniel when he goes to bed around 7pm at night and even at 6.30am the next day he is still dry, though the nappy could knock somebody out with the sheer weight of it!

Good luck!

Dee, NSW, 13mth toddler

Hi New Daddy ..... We found that if our little boys penis was pointing to the side or up his nappy leaked, so just check to make sure his penis is poking down. Though we also found the same thing as Dee you need to make sure the leak gaurds are out as well. We also use leaking as a guide to time for the next size up, which for us was about 3 kgs before they recommended. Good Luck and Happy Parenting.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way


Totally agree that huggies are the best. I have not tried any other brand. Yes, my husband had to tell me about pulling out the flaps on the nappies.

Great to see a daddy helping, my husband is great with our little one.

Good luck

Lee,QLD,18/12/02 baby girl 26/09/05 baby boy

Thanks Kris. I did try this and it works! I am so happy now that I don't have to change his bassinette sheets, singlet and wrap as well as his nappy now every time he wee wees. A friend of my wife's also suggested pilchers and they also worked a treat but it's simpler to just point my little fella's "little fella" down. Though it seems awkward for me so I get my wife to do it.

Hey Daniel-son thanks to you too. You know I didn't even notice those flaps? I just made sure his legs were out the sides and that the velcro tabs were on snugly. Man, am I stupid! hahahahahaha!!

Hiya Piglet, thanks also for that. I'll know now when to go up to the next nappy size. Our bub is 3 kilos now but he's a little smallish so hopefully he won't have to go up a size anytime too soon.

Hey Lee, it's sooo tiring but I'm loving being a Daddy. I can't see how some people can just be "deadbeat Dads" and not help out. Babies are just too cute! Here's to all the males on here giving it a go smile

I have tried Baby Love and also Snugglers and they are both equally good. I like the Snugglers as they feel like a soft cloth like cover and seem to be much lighter than any other nappy and has high absorbency therefore keeping baby dry. I paid $35 for 144 nappies and I think that they are a steal at that price.

Another trick is when the nappy is put on and fastened you should only be able to fit in 2 fingers in the middle of the nappy for baby to breathe. That way it won't be too tight or loose. Hope this has helped.
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