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i have been told my son has colic and he crys for up to two to three hours a night. does anyone have a suggestion on how to help is ind come up. we tried colic relieve they recommended from clinic lady...


colic is every parents nightmare! my eldest two ( now 11 and 12 ) were horrid. i was put onto a little brandy in milk or if you are breast feeding ( like i was with my last one who is 2 ) a little brandy on your finger tip rubbed arround the gums. i'm not sure if it works for everyone but it did for me. also if you are breast feeding is your diet causing it? goodluck!!!
My daughter too had terrible colic and a midwife recommeded herbal colic drops which I get by mail order. They have worked a treat, as they bring up all the burps straight after a feed. You still have to burp the baby, but the wind comes up much easier, making a much happier baby (and Mum). The freecall number to order the drops or find out more information about them is 1800 066 998. Good luck!!

Sue, VIC, 3mth baby

My 4 week old baby girl has bad colic too. We use Brauer "Colic Relief" it's homoeopathic so perfectly safe to use. I find it works really quickly.

Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

hi all, my baby has the same prob i rang up and ordered the colic mixture but my daughter doesn't like the taste of it and spits all back out i think it maybe because of the dill that is in it, so i now use the bruar one it it works wonders,
also just wondering does anyone elses baby have a congeted nose and have to use sodium chloride if so don't buy it you can make it up yourself just boilinfg the kettle and make up 1 litre of water and 1 teaspoon of salt mix together and there you have but it must be used in the 24 hours.

jackie, mother of baby jessica, melb, vic.

regarding my last post it was meant to say congested? nose

jackie, mother of baby jessica, melb, vic.

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