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my son is 1 month old and his face is dry i am using a cream at the moment not working. he has cradle cap on his face. i am going to give him another week. i have only been here for a year. i live in holsworthy.
i would like if any one has any ideas.. new mum


I was told by the clinic sister that you can use sorbelene cream as shampoo and this helps. I was also told that you are not to scratch it off, but use a comb to brush their hair.

I found that this worked except for the fontanele on the top of the head, there was still a little bit left there but it wasn't that bad so I left it.
have you tried always bathing your baby in soap free washes or adding a little bit of baby oil to the bath? i have done this with my three kids with lots of success!
Hi Sharmaine, My 13 month old still has cradle cap though it is a lot better then when he was a new baby. I used sorbelen cream to start with and it did seem to help a lot, actually sorbelen cream was all I washed him until he was around 6 months of age. I now alternate between that and a product called Aromababy Baby wash and Aromababy Hair Cleansing Gel. The Aromababy stuff is a little pricey but I love it, I find it lasts awhile as you only use a really small amount. My little boy is allergic to nuts so I have to be careful as a lot of baby products contain almond oil though these two products don't. If you are interested in giving Aromababy a go I would wait until you little one is around 3 months old. You can buy it from Baby Target at Campbeltown. Happy Parenting.

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alpha kerri oil!!! My little boy had cradle cap bad, his whole head was covered. You rub this on their head and leave for about an hr or two then rinse it off. You'll notice the diference

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Couple of questions first....was your baby overdue? And what sort of cream are you using?

I ask this as my baby boy was 1 week overdue and had dry skin as the vernix that covers them when in our tummies had become less. This causes dry skin in newborns. I used a sorbaline cream it works wonders for him. Whenever he has a dry patch of skin, it only takes 1 or 2 applications for it to dry up.

Also, Im not sure if cradle cap (CC) usually appears on the face. My baby has just developed CC in the past week or so on his scalp. I've been told that olive oil massaged into the scalp with a face washer (the washer helps to get rid of dead skin) just before a bath is very helpful.

I havent tried it yet but I will this weekend (its not a severe case of CC).

Hope this helps and good luck!
My son has cradle cap and I used calendula oil which was great only every other day and then brushed his hair every day. at one stage I used olive oil which was good to and cheaper, If he has it on his face it could be exema which my son gets too I went off dairy foods to help that and he only gets it if I have chocolate now. Weleda do a exema cream which I applyed a couple times a week. Signs of exema are usually behind the ears and in between the eyebrows. good luck.
what i do is wash my little ones face with just water and a washer that is a little rough from being dryed in the sun. It's a good way to exfoliate her face then a bit of cream after. if you do this every day it should settle down
This sounds funny but it works a treat. Get some bi-carb soda and mix it into a paste. Rub it on baby's head and left it to dry. Once dry wash baby's hair like usual. It really does work!

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I agree with the suggestion to try alpha-keri oil. This worked for all my kids. After application I use a head lice comb to remove the flakes (very gently) as the fine teeth of the comb lift the crusts off and remove them.

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A friend also suggested vegetable oil. Ryan still has it but nowhere near as bad as it was since using vegetable oil. I tried all the cradle cap lotions from the chemist and none of them worked.

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i vouch for the bicarb paste def works well but you have to get it early i think???

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