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Caring for your Newborn


Huggies Jumbo Nappies Boxes - AUSTRALIA Lock

To all our valued Huggies members in Australia, we wanted to let you know about some important ch...

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Has anyone bought the Smoosh 3-in-1 Pram + Carrycot + Capsule? Lock

Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone has purchased the Smoosh 3-in-1 Pram + Carrycot + Caps...

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Hi ladies, I brought one for my bub and have found it good. Easy to figure out and use. Capsule doesnt come with a clip base and onl...


Frothy mouth Lock

Hi all, Can someone please tell me if it's normal for my 10 week old DD to be frothy and dribbly ...

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Our house comes a little girl who does not have a flower it looks so cute. I give some examples and of this you se...



I’m writing this in the hope that it may prevent even just one mother & baby going through what I...

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Thought I'd do an update as not many mums come back and let others know how they got on! My original post above is from 2yrs ag...


Doesnt poo? Lock

My neice is 9 weeks old. Yes a week older then my daughter, and she hasnt done a poo for 3 days. ...

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is her infant breastfed or jug sustained??? my child would do like a pooo everytime he was sustained till he was around about a mont...


Teen mum Lock

I’m 17 so a teen mum and was wondering if anyone had any tips, my baby boy is due 26th January 20...

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Baby lotion and oil Lock

Hi there, I'm looking for advice about baby lotion and oils. It's very difficult to cho...

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Hi Mag, I think that all the baby carew things should be as natural as possible. Check this article -

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5 popular apps for newborns Lock

As a new mum you need all the help you can get! Here are 5 apps which we love. Do you have one to...

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Member923985 wrote: Thanks for suggesting some great apps!! You can get these apps also in 9Apps App Store for free. With 9Apps app...


Nappies! How many a day? Lock

Hey! I’m just wondering what’s the average amount of nappies used per day for a new born?

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Rosehips for 6 month old? Lock

Hi there, Just wondering if anyone has given their baby rosehip tea when they have a cold? My 6 ...

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Yes- absolutely! In Europe (I’m originally from austria), we give all sorts of herbal and fruit tea. Especially when they are colic....

Ms. Dee

Is it normal not to enjoy motherhood in the early days? Lock

I think my son is just beautiful and I love him but I'm not loving being a mother. He is 3 weeks ...

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Motherhood is the most demanding full-time job. We often miss joys of spending time in the early days Raising a child is not an easy...

leechie peachie

baby shampoo Lock

Can anyone recommend a good baby shampoo and why do u like it?

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I use MADE OF organic baby shampoo. It is all natural, organic, chemical free, it has a slight pleasant smell, it makes my son'...


Best products... Lock

Hi all, I'm new here, due in December. I'm a first timer and am a little overwhelmed by the many ...

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I use MADE OF brand products. They have great baby powder which is talc-free, and diaper rash cream as well as baby lotion. I'v...

Jydon's mummy

When to wash babys hair with shampoo? Lock

My DS is 4 weeks old & is getting slight cradle cap so I was wondering when I can actually wash h...

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This thread is old, but to anyone else searching this issue, I just wanted to share what worked for us. We switched to MADE OF baby ...


Cradle Cap Lock

Hi, Just wanted to ask if there is a way to prevent cradle cap from occuring. I'm pregnant to my...

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My daughter has had a mild case of cradle cap and it has gotten better once we switched to MADE OF baby shampoo and wash. I think it...


which is the best jogging stroller Lock

You have a lot of choices when it comes to the best jogging stroller, probably too many. Couldn’t...

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Cup Cakes

Help - skin problems/ bath products Lock

Hi, My lil man who is now nearly 3 months old has developed ecezma. Just wondering what produc...

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You should always take care of your skin as it tends to create problems on it's own eventually. So, you better use something l...


trimmers for new born baby Lock

A new born baby skins are very sensitive, removing hairs from new born baby is very trickly becau...

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Essential winter baby clothes/items. Lock

Hey, I'm a first time mum due in June (so when its just starting to get cold in New Zealand)...

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Congratulation , you become mom first time.This is really happy moment.But infertile people can not born baby.But no need to worry ...


Bowen Therapy Lock

Hi there, just wondering if anyone has tried bowen therapy to help with reflux?

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Waited over 3 hours at Kaiser ER... Lock

Earlier today I woke my son up to get ready for school. He didn't want to get up, so I went ...

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Hey just read your story. It's so scary to be treated like this in such situation. I can understand it’s a difficult stage to s...


Cutting babies nails Lock

Hi, just wondering what is the best way to trim my almost 8 week old bubs nails. They are getting...

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When I was a baby my mom trim my nails while I was asleep so that's probably very good way to do this.


Night nanny or nurse Lock

Hi. I'm from the US where night nurse/nanny is popular. It's someone to help you durin...

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Why don't you try some website where you can look for nurse or nanny?


Cold Hands and feet!!! Lock

My 12 week old baby has colds hands and clammy feet most of the time. I dress my baby in a singl...

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Hi - I am new here! I have been looking into different sleeping bags for our baby as I am struggling finding anything that may have ...


Sending newborn to daycare Lock

Hi There, I am due in June and will be going back to work when my baby is 4 months old, I am thi...

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Sending your kids to daycare should not be an issue if you really need it. The best way to do it is search your local hospitals for ...


care Lock

Its very important to know because caring for your new born baby is the most important for his or...

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This baby thing can be tough eh? Lock

Our darling daughter (first child) was born on Christmas Day. She's lovely, but hasn't ...

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First of all congratulations on your baby girl! Warm water is not bad but excess of it is. A small amount of water can make hiccup g...


Day to day Lock

Ok ladies, hit me with what you do all day with your new borns. Now that everything has settled d...

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anthea b

Have you used a Vantage Convertible Car Seat for your newborn? safe? Lock

My partners sister bought one for us as a gift but it looks really flimsy, and has no inserts/pad...

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Amazon reviews are the best place to look for previous owners opinion on a car seat they are unbiased and people have actually used ...

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How to recognize a newborn's tired signals Lock

A newborn baby cannot stay awake for very long at a time. You should start to watch for these tir...

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Top tips for stopping a newborn from crying Lock

Newborns cry on average for about 2 hours a day. Here are a few top tips for easing their tears: ...

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Handy sleep tips for new mums and dads Lock

Sleep deprivation is real as you'll soon discover or may have already discovered if you'...

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Help! Upset newborn Lock

Anyone please offer advice! I have a 16 day old son who I am breastfeeding. He was in a slightly ...

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Thanks for the advice it's greatly appreciated!!

Huggies Support

Top tips for leaving the house with a newborn Lock

Once you get home from the hospital, it can feel daunting to imagine leaving the house with your ...

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Warm Wipes Lock

Does anyone know how wipes can be kept warm for winter?

18 replies

I am looking too for this baby wipes warmer as baby cry everytime i used wipes that is too cold. So since i dont have this option y...

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Essential tips for surviving the first week with your newborn Lock

You've set up the crib, bought the nappies and stroller - you're all set for the arriva...

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Is your baby crying more than usual? It could be colic... Lock

Colic occurs in the first few months of a baby's life. Most babies cry because they are hung...

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Newborn Essential Paperwork Lock

You'll be in a daze when you leave the hospital with your newborn, so it's a good idea ...

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10 ways to calm a fussy newborn Lock

1. Rock-a-bye baby: Place baby in your arms, stand with your feet slightly more than hip-width ap...

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10 Things No One Told You About Being a New Mum Lock

1. You'll break into song A LOT Life becomes like an episode of Glee when you've got a...

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