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Temperaturre of Formula Lock Rss


I have a 7 week old DS and was wondering, now that the weather is getting hot, is it ok to give him his bottle cold from the fridge???

Any ideas will be great,


Linda, NSW - Amelia 15/01/06 John 08/08/07

There is no reason why formula can not be served cooler or cold but not all babies like it that way. Also remember that formula power is harder to mix in cooler water.

My DD will drink her bottle at different temps, and it doesn't seem to bother her too much.
But certain vegetables she likes to be warmed up lol. Just depends what your baby likes I suppose.

You just need to give the cold bottles a better shake, so that the formula mixes in properly.
well today i heated it up abit, just to get the chilli out and he drank it without a fuss, so i might keep trying it that way.

My DD who is 21 months wont drink her milk cold, has to be warm.


Linda, NSW - Amelia 15/01/06 John 08/08/07

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