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Nan Gold 1 HA & Sleeping through the night Lock Rss

I have been feeding my daughter the Nan Gold 1 HA formula since she was 7 weeks old (she is now 11 weeks), as this was the one the paediatrician suggested. Most other babies I know of on formula sleep through the night, but my baby will only sleep 4 hours.

I am wondering if this is because this formula is easy to digest.

My daughter seems to like the formula, but I only make up the amount for the "up to 2 months" section on the tin, as she only drinks 100-150 ml, only occasionally drinking 160ml. And instead of having 5 bottles a day, she can have anywhere from 6 to 8 bottles.

Does anyone else find this?

I use dthe nan gold fir my 2nd and i was tols its the closest thing to bvreast milk and easy to digest so u cold be right but he wa sgetting constipate don the other formulas. So i dont know whats bettr sleeping thru with constipation or sleeping 4 hourly. Some babiesjust dont slepe thru. mine slept thru as of 11 weeks and s topped again 2 week slater and my ne wone is only a week old and he son brast milk for now but i ahve nan gold in the cupboard for when i start comp feeding if need be.

I think it's not true that formula fed babies sleep through the night. Mines been on formula fully since 6 weeks and he is now 13 weeks and still doesn't sleep through. they must be still needing the nurioushment.
My DD has Nan HA Gold, and has slept through since quite early.

But I don't think formula feeding automatically means they will sleep all night. Every baby is different. As a previous poster said, some babies just don't sleep through.
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