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Feeding Lock Rss

My stepsister keeps on going on about trying to get her young son {6 weeks} to last for 4 hours between feeds. He can't manage it {of course} but when she does allow him a feed, he'll gulp down a really big feed much bigger than his age recommendation. Wouldn't it make more sense to feed a baby when he cries that he is hungry ? she says he is a big eater and would eat every hour if he could and if she fed him that way he would just vomit most of it back up anyway. I would imagine that he would learn to eat less more frequently. Even as a newborn a couple of days old she was saying how he can't last the three hours between feeds??? she is on some kind of timetable with him which I don't understand. This is her second child, does anyone else thinks that this sounds odd?
Is she breast or bottlefeeding? If she is breastfeeding, this can be digested in 2-3 hours. I am currently demand feeding my 4 month old twins and they can feed 1-2 hourly during the day and 3-4 hourly overnight. Apparently they cannot be overfed with breastfeeding but can with formula. Is she having regular visits with a maternal & child health nurse? What do they recommend?

Tammy, mum of twins, Madeline & Patrick

No she is bottle feeding which I know makes baby last longer and he is putting on weight quite nicely though not excessively. I certainly could not overfeed my son on formula, he makes it quite clear when he has had enough! smile
My daughter is 4 weeks old and bottle fed. She feeds about 4-5 hrly, sometimes up to 8 hrs overnight. She has 165mls with each feed and finishes all of her bottle each time, sometimes she wants a little more, in which case I give her water. My health nurse was not at all concerned with the amount she was having, as babies will not over-feed. They know when they have had enough, as overeating is a learned behaviour. I totally believe in giving as they need, and not being too hung up on holding off feeds until "feed time".
Hope I've been helpful.
My son is 5 weeks old, and I have been told to try and hold him out 2 4 hours between feeds. He is just a hungry baby though, and it isnt very often that he lasts 4 hours. The nurse told me 2 make him wait after he put on a kilo in 2 weeks! I do give him water, but he refuses it, so now I just feed him when he cries - if it close 2 the time he is due - y make him suffer?

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

hi girls
I used to feed my baby quite often closer to the hour than every 2/3 hours.
baby knows when they're full but if they're crying and you think baby is hungry there's no harm in feeding your little one.
don't stick to the rules feeding every 4 hours etc every baby is different others last others dont.
take care

mary.NSW 11 month baby

Hi, I have a 5 week old son and he is wanting a bottle every 2 - 4 hours. If he wants it I give it to him. And most times he drinks a whole bottle then comes back for more. My early childhood nurse and doctor said that is fine and that he will probably do that until he is old enough for solids then calm down. I have found the longer you make a baby wait for a bottle, if they want it, it gives them wind. I found this happened with all 4 of my children.
I agree with you Rachel. Because if they are bawling thier eyes out and when you finally give it to them they gulp it so quickly they arent swallowing properly and you can hear the air going into their stomachs.

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

I make my daughter last for 4 hours otherwise she puts on too much weight. If she is crying 30minutes before her feed is due i just give it to her, but if it is over an hour until feed time, i give her water and that settles her down. Half the time they may not even be crying because they are hungry. My daughter cries alot if she is bored, if you give her something to do, she is fine. Considering she goes for 12 hours of a night without a feed, i doubt she is hungry every time she cries. She is 3 months old, and has 140mls/5 times a day and is very healthy. She has reflux so i have to stop her eating any more than her recommnedation as she throws up otherwise. Maybe your sis could feed him less, but more frequently. I got told to times the bubs weight in kilos by 150mls and divide by the number of feeds/day to get what they should be drinking/feed. She could maybe feed her bub less (just until he is content) and then feed him every 2-3 hours instead? Hope it helps!
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