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Heinz formula???? Lock Rss

I have had my 9 week old son on the heinz formula for about 4 weeks now but ever since he started on it I have noticed that he has had very runny motions and is very unsettled. I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with this formula. I would love to know.
Hi Rachael28,
I breastfed my little girl for 6 months & in the past 3 weeks have had her on the Heinze formula. She has been fine on it. I asked my M&CHN about the differences in the formula & she said that they all met the Aust standards. I would suggest discussing it with your M&CHN. Good luck.
I have spoken to my early childhood nurse and my dr and they have told me to try him on karicare. He is going great now. He is putting on the weight fast and is more settled.
Hi Rachel,

Just thought i would throw in my two bob, my daughter always had heinze and now my son has it! We have never had any problems!

It just goes to show AGAIN that every child is different, and what suits one doesn't always suit another,

Best of luck, and i hope the Karicare keeps doing the job,

Tepe smile

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

I know that every formuls needs to meet Aust standards but they all seem to be different! I guess every child is different too. My nephew developed a rash after being put on Heinz and my other nephew became constipated after switching to Heinz 6 month plus. My daughter had it around 11 months and never had a problem with it. I think its trial and error with all formulas. I must have tried every one on the shelf to ease my daughters reflux and finally found Karicare delact made her vomit the least!
There is no harm in trying new formulas.

Rachel, SA, mum to Ella 11mths

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