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BIG reflux probably Lock Rss

Hey again - Oh i love this site...
I feel like im the only NZer on here haha...anyway...
My DS has had really bad reflux ever since he was born - they say it is common for prem babies to have it. he is now 2 1/2 weeks from his term date and A few days ago I noticed that his Ranitidine (reflux medicine) and thickner is almost all gone - DS had no repeats on these things. So i thought I will slowly ease him off the formula thickner (Karicare) that I have been using and give him 1 bottle of just normal newborn Karicare a day and wanted to slowly build it up.
But oh my gosh - when I did DS took it all but it all came back out - i felt so sorry for him,for his next feed I gave him EBM (expressed breast milk) in a bottle - with his thickner added and that came up - next feed I gave him thickend formula - that came up but not so much.
Do you think it was that newborn formula that made him do this. I dont know what to do...I need to wean him off slowly I i just paranoid because it was the first day of doing this? or should I try a different formula?

Melody, NZ AKLD, and DS Josiah 15months


It would have been the unthickened formula that did it.

I have just watched the same thing happen with my baby.

I put her on S26AR and it made her constipated but stopped the vomitting. So i took her off it to stop the constipation and put her back on normal S26 while i was trying to find the Karicare AR. She started vomitting again. I got the Karicare AR (which is thickened) and put her on that and no more vomitting and no more constipation.

It sounds like the same thing happened with your DS, so it would be the unthickened formula. Try him on a thickened one to see if it stops his symptoms. I found i needed to give my DD 2 or 3 bottles of thickened formula before her vomitting stopped too.

Kristi 5 kids.

My daughter has severe reflux and is on AR formula and losec and will be on this until her stomach valve etc has fully developed. She does exactly what your son does on any other formula than karicare AR. why do you say that you need to wean him??? you dont have to at all not until his reflux has stopped which probably wont be til 6months or up doctor told me chloe will prob have to stay on AR formula and losec til atleast 9months... give it a couple more feeds and he should settle back down. i suggest the karicare AR or thickner in expressed milk or in water before a feed. let me know how you


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