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I have a one month old baby girl who since the age of four days has suffered from colic. Upon the doctor's advice, I have changed my diet (I am breastfeeding), tried Infacol, tried Donnalix, tried Gripe Water. I have changed my feeding positions. I have tried so many things but none of them are working. My little girl sleeps for no more than thirty to forty-five minutes before waking up in excruciating pain. Does anyone have any other ideas already not posted on this site. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Sue, NSW, Mother of Jasmin, born 16 September 2003

I feel your pain Sue!! Isabella is 3 months and we used to stay up with her overnight in the living room rocking her and rubbing her belly. Too scared to move her to her cot after going from 3pm till 12am of constant pain and walking with her and finally asleep. Fortunately for us the Donnalix worked well, we only gave her the four doses in the evening time begining the feed before 3pm. Once we ended up giving her a bath at 4am as we didn't know what else to do with her and had tried everything. The One thing that has improved everything is setting her in a routine which was hard enough but thanks to a great book we got there. She still gets her evening colic occasionally and still requires a dose on donalix. I also changed my diet and 3 mths later am still off dairy, nuts and eggs oh the regulars (beans, cabbage etc). At the end of the day there isn't just one thing that works but a variety of things. Getting her in a routine was a saviour though! email me if you need the name of the book.
[email protected] Lots of Luck and know you're not alone!

Claudia, Vic (Bella 2 and Billy8mths

hi suec, I too have a 2 week old baby girl.I'm sure she has colic.I dont' really know how to diagnose it??
I am having alot of trouble breast feeding so I am gradually putting her on the bottle,much to great disappointment!!(but she loves it)anyway.she sleeps a bit better but I have never heard a baby scream like she does!!!It's ear piercing!! she too wakes up only after a short period of sleep,and sometimes if I leave her for a minute she is back asleep!! other two children both had silent reflux,so it could also be that.But at the moment I was advised by her child health nurse to try a natural colic is called "Colic Relief " and the brand name is Brauer. We have found it to be relieving for her.she is now settling for hours at a time.I say.give anything a go! you may just get some sleep.and boy,did I need that!!! let me know your progress. Maryanne.
Hi, I have to say that I agree with Tommygirl. I was breastfeeding my son but I had to put him on the bottle after 3 weeks. Either he was permanently attached to me or screaming down the house, which was not good with 3 children trying to sleep. I put him on the formula and made a difference but then I found out he had colic. My chemist told me to try the brauer colic relief and I am getting more sleep of a night and he is more content during the day. I tried the infacol and that did nothing. Hope it works out for you.
I too agree, that is what I used with my son, Brauer Colic Relief. I batteled with persistant crying for months until I discovered it.
A calm environment I believe also helps those tummy muscels to relax.


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