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Hi everyone, Please share your experience if you have the following issue:

My baby Victoria is currently 8 weeks old and is on bottle since she is 4 weeks old. Currently I have noticed she drank less 100ml milk a day (Approx 600 ml per day) compared to 2 weeks ago (previously she drank apprx 750-800ml). In fact she is sleeping more compared to the pass. She does not have any symptom of sickness. I am worried that she might not have enough..... apparently she should drink more as she is growing right.

In addition, I have experiencing Pelvic pain since my baby is born. I have not recoving from the pain yet. It seems my pain is getting worse and worse. Can any one advise me on this? I am very extremely frustrated on this.

You may email me as well [email protected]

Thank you. Frist time mum
finally someone who is worried like me,my son is 16 weeks he is ment to be drinking 180 mls every 4 hours but is only drinking close to 120mls every 4 hours he is big and healthy thoe and the doctor said it was fine.
as for the sleeping he goes to bed at 9pm gets up at 7am for a bottle then goes back to bed till 1100am he is napping till 4 then sleeps till 6 then sleeps at 9pm all he ever does is sleep.

in addition to the pelvis thing i broke my hip 1 year before i had my son but i get pain in the wrong side i thought it was my left side making my right side sore mabey i was wrong.

SA mum with baby jacob 20th sep 04

I wouldnt worry to much, Ashleigh is now 9 months and has 4 150ml bottles a day(she never finishes a feed).She is really healthy and doing everything she sould be. So unless your bubs is losing weight I wouldnt worry to much. If you are, why dont you squeeze in another feed during he day, maybe he would enjoy 6 smaller feeds (100ml) instead of 4 big feeds?I also wouldnt take any notice of what is on the side of the formula tin, neither of my children fit that schedule,its just a rough guideline. Just a suggestion, hope bubs is doing well.

Jordan 7/3/01 & Ashleigh 5/4/04

well.. should i be worried if my not even 3 week old son has per feed nearly 125mls. ?? i express morning 125mls. and i breast feed him at the same time, but not long after that, he has the bottle..
it seems to me that he is constantly hungry no matter how much he has.
he feeds every 1 - 2 hours on a bad day. and he can drink about 50 each time..

yet, my daughter who s now 15 months, had 250 - 300ml per feed.
whe she was his age, wasn't drinking as much, at 6 months was having 150ml, and 9 months 200ml.
I had to bottle feed my daughter every two hours, she never drank the recommended amount on the can, always much less. If I tried to stretch her out to longer between feeds, it made no difference. All I did all day was wash and sterilise over and over as I was expressing as well because of low milk supply. I was always worried Emily was not getting enough, but as long as there are 6 wet nappies a day baby should be ok. I think some just have smaller appetites. My daughter is lean but not underweight.

Amanda,VIC,mum to Emily 4 & Alyssa 20months

Hi vic20

i'm glad that i found someone who have the same problem as i do.

My baby William is close to 11 weeks old and he is having the same problem as your baby Victoria too. He has been drinking 3-4 oz every feed every 3-4 hours and recently has drop his quantity to 2-2.5 oz. I'm a bit worried since he lost all his baby chubbiness lately. and as for ur info, he is sleeping more as well. i hope he will drink more since he is growing.

i've tried making him drink 2oz every two hours but that doesnt help. he would scream and pushes the bottle away. at first i thought it is the formula (using karicare) but after reading your mesg, i think it could be just one of their "mood". i hope that wont last long.

take care and hope to hear any progress from victoria smile

Voon, Vic, Mum's to William & David

I know what you mean about lvls they are drinking compared to whats on the side of the can. When my son came out of hospital he went from 50 - 120 mls in a week and now he's doing 4-5 feeds at 150 mls and my plunket nurse told me he should be drinking 900 mls as he is now 13 lbs. Lately tho when i try to feed him he's going back to sleep after doing a screaming fit. I burp him and then when I try to put him back in my lap to feed he screams again?

Joy, NZ, 3mth Baby

She As long as she is putting on weight then she is getting enough. If you're still concerned then take her and get her weighed. You'll then know that she's getting enough to sustain her and that will put your mind at rest. It will also give you a chance to have a chat to the child health nurse who will be able to give you some suggestions. As to the pelvic pain - go to the doctor and get it checked out - it could be everything returning to its place and the ligaments doing back to normal - but why take the risk.


The last 3 days my daughter has like been playing the put on pull off game while im breast feeding her. I latch her on she will feed for 1-3mins and take her self off. Kick and scream at me and then i put her back on? Is this from her bad wind problem or? I dunno if shes feeding enough. Last week etc she used to feed for 30-45mins good sucking and now it goes for 35mins stopping here and there. Is she getting enough?

Karen - Jasmine 14/1/05 & Damon 31/1/07

if she has plenty off wet nappys she should be getting plenty


Manuela,NSW baby girl borne on the 8.jan 2005

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