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I have a 4 month old girl and i wana try to start her on the bottle. Every time i try to give her it she crys and doesn't like the taste of the milk much. I've tried s-26 the normal one, s-26 gold, s-26 for reflux babys (cause she does have relfux) but she didn't like any of them. How can i bottle feed her with out her crying? i've brought her the most expencing bottle and the cheapest one but still nothing.

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Try sitting as you would to normal breast feed with skin to skin contaact when she is ready to take your nipple push the teat in her mouth instead keeping the skin to skin contact

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Have you tried breastmilk in a bottle? Obviously you were breast feeding her for the past 4 months and unfortunatly persistence is the only cure. Try contacting Breastfeeding Australia or your local health care nurse because they are there to help no matter what the problem. Formulas are based on cows milk but maybe she lactose intolerant so a trip to your doctor might come in handy. Good luck and the situation will get better just give it time.
Hi, My son has reflux and he to used to cry all the time. He used to constantly be feeding cause he would projectile vomit all his feeds and so he was then hungry again. We tried breastmilk frist (of course), then S26 Gold then S26 AR. That made an improvement but he was then still crying lots. He had really bad wind and became constpatied and was still having spills from the S26 AR. Then I tried Karicare AR, he had a sudden improvement - it didn't happen over night but almost!. Now I have a very differnt child, of course he still crys at times like any baby. But his wind has decreased, no more constipation, no more bug spills, and best of all his temperment has improved. So I would suggest Karicare AR and give that a go, I know you said she doesn't like the bottles but i believe that this formular will help and she will start improving. I use the Pur teats - for AR it must be fast flowing teats as so they can get the milk cause it's thicker formula they need that faster flowing teat. Cause without that they cant get the milk, and they are sucking and getting no where and it frustates them.
I hope this helped in some way and you and your little girl have a happier nights sleep and happier playtime!
Best of luck.

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have you tried using the nuk anti colic teats,
they are shaped so that they sit in babys mouth the same way a nipple does, so ive been told...and they have an air valve that stops baby sucking in too much air, it worked really well my daughter who had reflux, you can also put breast milk in the bottle then gradualy keep mixing formula to the breast milk until she is taking all formula

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