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loving breastfeeding. Lock Rss

I also loved breastfeeding grin Unfortuantely had to go back to work when DD was only 5 months.. But next baby I'm hoping to bf for at least 12 months. Definately miss it!
I'm loving feeding DD she is 8 weeks old today, Its so easy and convenient. DS was totally different he wouldn't latch on so i was expressing in one hand and feeding him a expressed bottle in the other. It just got to much @ 1 month.

Oh I am jealous of you all..I tried first time around but couldn't produce anything more than 15ml.
I am hoping second time is a charm
I have BF all 3 of my children and loved it every time. My youngest has just turned 5 months and I still love it. I love that special closeness and bond that comes with it also. So cute when you are feeding and he is looking at me touching my face, those are moments I treasure. Plus the ease and convenience is a bonus. smile

I LOVE IT! he latched on first go, iv had a blocked duct once but besides that its been amazing. my husband is actually kinda jealous cause iv bonded with DS over it. plan to breastfeed until DS is atleast 12months. happy

I really love breastfeeding too grin

I have clocked up 6yrs of breastfeeding with my three kids and although it has it ups and downs I wouldn't do it any other way.
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~Minka~ wrote:
Lea plus 1 wrote:
Oh I am jealous of you all..I tried first time around but couldn't produce anything more than 15ml.
I am hoping second time is a charm
I would suggest feeding on demand and make sure you don't use dummies as breasted babies do not need them and it will interfere with supply. Also don't mix feed. Just a few tips smile Hope everything goes smoothly this time smile
ps not saying you did anything wrong first time around.

Thanks little onee was in the neonatal unit for a week so I think the stress of all that and the fact he was getting top up formula feeds in there didn't help.He never had a dummy..Fingers crossed for me in 9 weeks that this time it happens for me
i've had a few minor hiccups with my 3 week old baby but still am loving it. I had a terrible time trying to bf DD1 but this time has been lovely. I honestly think the root of the problems last time was DD1 getting formula given to her in hospital so i agree with the advice of not giving top ups of formula (if it can be avoided, we all know sometimes things don't go as planned)

I've even found the courage to do a public breastfeed already! Felt very proud to sit and feed my boobie monster in the middle of civic in Canberra!! smile
my new bub is 10 days old and i have to agree smile absolutly loving breast feeding smile i BF my daughter for only about 2-3 months due to lack of knowledge etc. she is 7yrs old. this time around i was older and wiser read up on Bf did my research really well and our son took to the boob 2nd go straight after birth and has been glued to it ever since lol

certainly helps with night feeds that we got attachment sorted early. and has helped us all ease into a half decent night sleep pattern aswell smile blessed with anouther good baby smile must owe my success to " natural breast feeding" book & my organic nipple balm lol life saver that stuff smile
Tbh important not enjoying it.
Don't get me wrong, i don't hate it, its just sometimes i feel like i just want ds off me. But then he's only just starting to stretch to 2-2.5 hrs now. So maybe its because he's been such a constant feeder.

Some nights i get Dh to give him a little bottle of formula after bf so i can be just one person for a while. Lol

Maybe ill enjoy it more when he backs off a bit.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

I loved it as well. The first 6 weeks were hell and I didn't think I'd be able to keep going, but once all our issues got sorted it was such a lovely and pleasurable experience. I had a winter baby, so I enjoyed my little hot water bottle baby and the snuggling up together. As she grew I loved all the playful things she did and the chance to sit and cuddle when she became too busy to enjoy long cuddles together (and I loved the opportunity to sit down for a few minutes!) I loved the feeling I got when I had a let down - always suddenly felt very relaxed and at peace. Of all the things I look forward to about having another baby, breastfeeding again is high on the list smile

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