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My 3 month old is currently being weaned off b/f, with only 1-2 feeds to go. He has a bottle around 9.30-10pm, and then will wake at approx 2am, and 4am for a topup, only b/f for about 10-15 minutes each time. When he has his bottles through the day he can sometimes last up to 5 hours (only doing this once per day) between feeds.

Should I be routine feeding him every 4 hours to make sure he is full to last him through the night, even if he isn't crying for a feed? I would really like to get rid of the early morning 10 minute feeds. Can anyone help?


Kylie, mummy to Daniel 21.1.06 & Briana 27.6.09

Hi! My DD has been bottle fed since 6 weeks (she's now 12 1/2 weeks) and i feed her every 4 hours during the day as i am basically following the tizzie hall routine for her age and since starting on her routines i believe it had helped my little DD sleep through the night .She has 4 bottles a day and only takes between 100-140ml each bottle.i think at her age she should be on more but she just won't take it so i don't force it as she'll just throw it back up.She's very happy and sleeps like an angel with her last bottle being at 6.30pm after her bath and then straight to bed and asleep in minutes and i normally don't hear a peep out of her till anywhere between 5-6.30am.If she wakes at 5am i fed her then she's back to bed till about 7am then we start the day after a top at 7am.
My bub was a clock work 4 hr feeder so I think that this helped to setlle for longer periods. I think that it looks like he is still a bit hungry if topping up at that 4am feed.

I could only suggest trying to get into the 4 hr routine through the day and see how that goes. He may feel more settled for you and then sleep longer thru the night... wouldnt that be great!
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