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Fidgety baby after 80mls Help Lock Rss

I have a 11 week old baby formula feed on Karicare Gold and she drinks 80mls no probs, i then burp her and thats it. She mouths like she wants more and puts her fists in her mouth but she is squirming around heaps nearly wriggling out of my arms. Her knees do slightly come up. She burps fine and she goes 3.5 to four hours but i thought she should be drinking more then that at this stage of her life. She is capable of drinking 150ml as she has done this before. Anyone experiencing the same? Does anyone think she might have silent relux. If i stuff around with her she will eventually get the bottle nearly finished and be having 100ml.

Ceri mother of 4

Hi there
It sounds to me as if your baby is full and content and that is why she does not want any more. My DS was about 5mths old before he would drink 100ml, each baby is different and has different needs. If you baby has silent reflux she would be screaming histeracly and unable to settle.
As long as your baby is putting on weight and happy then try not to stress too much about how much she is drinking at each feed. They will have growth spurts when they drink more and then at othertimes drink less.
wow that sounds exactly like my little DD. She is now 12 1/2 weeks old and is only drinking the same amount she was weeks ago and i was stressing a little that she should be taking more but she won't. She wriggles and squirms although she will open her mouth like she wants it but then decides she's had enough. Her weight gain is good,about 200grams a week so i have come to the conclusion that if i offer more and she doesn't take it then not too worry and she's sleeping really well and i figure if she was hungry she'd let me know.DD is also on Karicare gold and takes about 100 -120 ml each fed and only has 4 bottles a day as she sleeps through the night from her last bottle at 6.30pm.If DD is happy and settles well then i wouldn't worry too much but if she show's more signs of maybe having silent reflux then that maybe worth exploring. My DD was born weighing 2.6kg and now is 4.8kg so she is still just a little girl with a little stomach!
Hi!! I swear I could have written your original post!!! That sounds EXACTLY like what my 9 week old does. I have been to hell and back trying to work out what the problem is with her.... After weeks and weeks of racking my brains and searching the net and trying to FORCE the rest of her bottles into her i have come to the conclusion that she must just have a small tummy and doesn't need that much to thrive... She will take on average now about 100mls. This is just nothing compared with what my first DD would take (at this age around 180mls).
I SO know what you mean about the "stuffing around" to try and get them to finish off a bottle. Everytime i feed my little one she starts off in my arms, guzzles down about 40mls, has a burp, has about another 40mls, has another burp and then after that its a pain in the other end. We end up with her on the change table being fed because we can't stand her squirming around in our arms while we're trying to feed her!! My back is aching through standing over her on the change table with a bottle just trying to get the last little dregs into her! I have ruled out reflux for my daughter as she doesn't really scream after a feed and seems happy to lie down and go to sleep. I just don't get it. But i REALLY know what you're going through!!! If you find a solution to the problem would you PLEASE let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

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