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Why can't I express??! Lock Rss

Hi all. Sorry if it's already been covered, but I'm in a desperate rush for a solution. Darling Daughter is just over 3 months old & community nurse says she might reject a bottle if she doesn't try it really soon.

Expressing recommended because she's not gaining enough weight. Dropping production could be due to her slackening demand (she sleeps A LOT!), or because B*****d Cheating Husband moved out 2 weeks ago and I'm a mess. (so is the house and darling son of 3 yrs).

The ECHC loaned me a Medela manual pump and NOTHING COMES OUT! I'm using it after she has had both breasts. I wondered if I was just empty, but squeezing gives squirts and drops of rich milk. I re-apply the pump straight away (medium setting) and nothing again! I'm following the booklet to the letter.

Please help. If I don't get it right really soon I'll won't have a day to myself until she's weaned (prob 12 months old), and I really need some time to sort out my headspace after what BCHusband has done.
I've been expressing for a while now and I also find it difficult to get a good amount going after a feed. My best advice is to try and express before bub's morning feed. If you express about 50-70ml (depending on how much supply you have) from one side, then feed bub the other side. You should still have enough in that expressed side to keep bub happy. Mornings are the best times to express as bub's tend to feed more in the afternoons. Also if you're having difficulty, try placing a warm washer on your breast first, this should help to get the milk going. If you have any other problems or just want to talk, my e-mail is [email protected] Best of luck.

Sam and Hayley and bub

I On a personal note, I get more by hand expressing than with a pump. I have had more success with an Avent pump than the Medela. If I need to use the pump I alternate between hand expressing and the pump.

All the best with you social situation, the house work can wait- you and your kids deserve better than a cheating husband/ father.

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

when i was expressing i used an expensive pump which i found wondreful. the medela symphony. it uses a sucking motion and graduly you can turn it up to get out more milk. unfortunantly i only used it till the end of 3 weeks. i did not have the strength to express every 3-4 hrs plus feed the baby.
it is a great machine that the hospital used, but they are in high demand.
good luck
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