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Breastfeeding while got a cold. Lock Rss

Does anyone know if breast feeding while you have a cold affect baby at all?

Tara, vic, Baby boy born 1st march2006

No, you should be fine. I had gastro & still fed my baby (with a bucket next to me!). Just try not to sniff & cough over baby for risk of transferring germs. Wash hands before feeding.
I had a bad chest infection and tonsilitis when DD was about 12 weeks. I was a mess - it was truely horrible. DD didn't even get one sniffle, I was so amazed. I was told to expect her to get a few mild cold like symptoms, but that is generally it. I think there is some benefits from them being exposed to you being sick, like thier immune system being exposed to it as such. I hope you get over your cold soon, its so hard taking care of yourself and bubby when you are crook.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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