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I was wondering if it is ok to mix expressed breast milk which has been expressed on different days or at a different time.
e.g. can I express some today and then mix it with some I expressed yesterday or the day before or is it better to feed them out of seperate bottles?

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i think there is like a 24 hour window. like you can add milk from this morning to yesterday mornings milk. though i'll admit i have maybe let it go a little longer, and my bub's fine. I think if it's frozen or consumed quckly, you shouldn't have any problems.

Sam and Hayley and bub

Hi Naomi guidelines as follows:

Express, cool down in fridge then freeze.

Express, cool down and then add to frozen milk already in freezer.

This has s shelf life of about 3 months in a freezer with separate door to fridge. Deep freeze about 6 months.

Cheers, Naomi
Here's a good general guide on how long to keep expressed milk as taken from "Breastfeeding ...Naturally":

Freshly expressed into container:
Room temp = 6-8 hours (26C or lower)
Fridge = 3-5 days
Freezer = 2 weeks in freezer compartment inside fridge, 3 months in freezer section of fridge with separate door, 6-12 months in deep freezer (-18C or lower)

Previously frozen - thawed in fridge but not warmed:
Room temp = 4 hours or less - that is the next feeding
Fridge = 24 hours
Freezer = do not refreeze

Thawed outside fridge in warm water
Room temp = for completion of feeding
Fridge = 4 hours or until next feeding
Freezer = do not refreeze

Infant has begun feeding:
Room temp = only for completion of feeding
Fridge = discard
Freezer = discard

The best way is to keep expressed milk in smaller quantities to avoid wastage.

Sam, mum to Summer 14/03/06

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