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Baby using nipple shield,what is the best way to wean her off it? Lock Rss

My daughter is just over 2 months,she was 9 weeks prem,so i don't know if it has anything to do with her being lazy,cause she is not suppossed to be born yet.
The hospital got me to use a nipple shield,beacuse of one day where she wouldn't latch on properly ,now Nicole can't get on without it,and when she does latch on with the shield on,she falls asleep after 10 minutes,this problem has only just started to occur,because when we first got her home she fell into a great routine of feeding every 3-4 hours.

So i would really appreciate any help getting her off this dam shield,beofre i started using this stupid thing she was getting on fine without it.
I'm now feeing her mostly on the bottle because of it.

Jessica,Vic, baby girl Nicole

Hi, when I first started breastfeeding I used a nipple shield, my baby boy was born 2 weeks overdue at 10.7pds and was sucking so hard because he was so hungry and without them he just wrecked my nipples.
The nurse told me to be careful with the shield because baby becomes dependant on using them. I stopped using the shield as soon as I got home, by that time baby had learnt how to latch on and suck properly. Sounds like your little one is dependant on the shield. Maybe she's falling off after 10 mins because she's had enough milk??? When is she wanting her next feed after falling asleep? If she's really little she might be getting heaps of milk in that 10min period? Maybe she get's tired from sucking too?
Don't stress too much (I know it's hard) because your milk will dry up if you're upset!
Don't feel guilty about giving her bottle either, you've got to do what's right for both of you... I breastfed and bottle fed (with formula) for a while and now am bottle feeding for different reasons.

Baby Harvey

Hi. My only idea is to start the bub feeding using the shield then within a few minutes - quickly unlatch her and take off the shield and put her back on. Your nipple should be in the correct shape etc and she would still be hungry enough to continue the feed. The nipple shield was my godsend with my first as I had cracked and bleeding nipples (thanks to the hospitals breast pumps), so I used them till they recovered a bit. With my newborn son this time, I used them when my milk came in and my boobs were huge and hard as it was hard for him to latch on. But as soon as my nipples were soft from the milk going down and the nipple was stretched to shape etc, i took it off and was fine. Just keep trying that method and if she is hungry she will learn to take the boob without it. If she refuses the boob and is unsettled I guess she is hungry and you will have to try it all over again.

Nipple shields also restrict the senstation of the bub sucking so your milk supply might go down, and if you are giving bub a bottle - do you express that feed? As its a supply and demand thing.

Hope this makes sense and is of some help. Let us know how you go.

Karen, FNQ, Danika (May 03), Jarrad ( Feb 06), Ama

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