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Breast Feeding....... Really Sore Breasts Lock Rss

Hi im a first time mum, im having a lot of trouble feeding my 4 day old son, everything was going perfectly well while in hospital, but now my nipples are grazed and sore.

Also my milk has come in and my breasts are really hard and tender, is this normal? and do i push past the pain of latching my baby and continue to feed him, or will the grazes get worse whilst he is feeding

please help me im getting really depressed

beautiful boy born 13th april

hey becka i had this problem too. i was told to have hot showers with the water directed at my boobs and massage at the same time, it takes away the soreness and some of the lumps that may occur while your milk is coming in. I had problems with the latching on with my daughter it was really painful when she latched and when she was actually feeding, i also had grazed nippiles which hurt like hell, i used Lasinoh ointment it helps with sore cracked nipples and prevents it from happen and its also okay to use when bub is feeding as it is not harmful to them. also you could contact your hospital and see when they are having a clinic on breastfeeding, they are really good and can help you with all your problems.
hope this has helped
take care talk to you soon

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

Hi Becka

I'ma 1st time mum too, my daughter is coming up on 6wks and I've had the same problem with my nipples. Highly recommend Lansioh most brilliant ointment ever.

Your breasts will get better in a couple of days once your milk supply starts to settle. The best thing I can suggest is a good hot shower and relax, it will get better. A shoulder rub goes down well about now too.... doesn't do so much for the breasts but it makes you feel wonderful in the meantime!!

I've had pain while latching too and have pushed past it and it now seems to be settling down. I had help from the midwife and the health nurse once I got home to adjust my position and get bubs latching better. I do agree with "preggies" get in contact with the hospital or the breastfeeding people and ask for help, it will save your sanity, trust me.

Hope this helps you, we're both in the learners club for awhile yet.
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