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My son is allergic to cows milk. We have had him tested by a dermatologist as well as a natural health practitioner and results were conclusive both ways. Symptoms as a baby were excma (not apparent until 6 months) Reflux, Diarrea and unsettled sleep. I was breast feeding until 6 months and what I ate still affected him. REGARDLESS of all the opinions out there about that, you know what works after a while. If anyone wants to know anything about our experiences, please ask as I know how difficult it was for me and my son Daniel.

He is now 2 1/2 and we feel alot better about it all now we know what to feed him, and what signs to look for as to what doesnt agree with him.

He is also intolerent of most additives and colourings to packaged foods.

Louise, Vic, mum of Daniel almost 3yrs

Hi there - it sounds like you are talking about my son! He also had a severe dairy allergy as a baby.
I was told he would probably grow out of it and, at 6 years old, he can now have a few dairy products but I have to monitor his intake closely.

He is also intolerent of most additives and colourings (like his father) and can't have citrus fruits. The plus side is that, as a family, we eat very healthily. My son now also knows that, if he wants to eat that multi-coloured icypole or have that pack of chips, he will pay for it. He will very rarely "pig out" on junk as he knows how bad he will feel.

It gets much easier when they're older as they understand why they can't have the food the other kids have.

Hang in there!
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