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is he getting enough Lock Rss

my three week old baby is still only taking one breast i offer the other one but he is not interested. He feeds every two to three hours durning the day and 4 hrs at night. is he getting enough. my last baby was express breast feed because he wAS PREMMY and i knew how much he was getting and i am a little worried that my new baby is not getting enough. he sleeps well after a feed and has 8 wet nappies a day. Any help would be great
Congrats on your little boy! My little girl is 9 weeks and since she was born she only took 1 side per feed. I was told by me hospital and health nurse to feed on demand and because I pretty much sit on the couch feeding all day I was worried she wasn't getting enough but shes healthy. A friend told me that shes a lazy eater. (!!!) Your little boy has a lot of wet nappies so he seems to be getting a lot.


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My daughter only took one side each feed up until she was about 10weeks old. If he was hungry he would be taking the other side. And sounds like he is doing ok and has enough wet nappies and is settled. Congratulations on persisting. It can make it difficult with people who are very vocal on what bubs should be doing feeding wise. Go with what you think is best. Sounds like he is doing perfectly normal to me.

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