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Changing to formula... Lock Rss

Hi Everyone!

I have a 9 week old and am wanting to go back to work so decided to put her on formula. I have been told that I should try to start with 2 bottles a day and gradually increase to full time formula. I've heard all sorts of things since I found out I was pregnant and most of them turned out to be false so I was wondering if any other mums that have been through the same thing know how soon you can make the switch. Also I was wondering about poohing when on formula. I've been told it needs to be fairly regular but I don't know how often and when to start worrying!!!! (Not that it stops!)


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Karissa, Melb, Vic, Mummy to Kadi

Hi Karissa, i switched my DD to formula when she was 5 weeks as my milk did not come in enough and was doing top up feeds with formula in the hospital whilst waiting for my milk to come in but after doing breast & bottle for 5 weeks and still not much luck with the breastfeeding i made the change. I didn't have much trouble with my milk drying up or sore boobs cause i hardly had any milk anyway but if you suddenly stop feeding then your breasts will stay full and get sore i think so maybe slowly introduce the bottle and as you said replace one or two feeds a day with the bottle then over a few days increase the bottle dropping the breast feeds... Ella coped with the switch pretty good cause she was having a little bit of formular from the start ( she was jaundice in hospital & to help flush that out they cup fed her as i didn't have enough milk)She is very regular, she has bowel movements once,sometimes twice a day,but mainly only once a day. Ella is on Karicare Gold and has had no problems.She normally has about 5 bottles a day, but this last week she's been sleeping through the night from 7pm to 7am so she's only been having 4 a day. She usually has about 120ml to 150 ml each bottle.She is only a little girl but still putting on good weight and sleeps really well so she must be satisfied with that.Good luck.
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