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Changing to formula at 2 days old Lock Rss

My little Sophie is now almost 3 days old. So far I have been breast feeding but I want to change to formula. So many reasons...I have a 13 month old who requires a LOT of attention, I am really sick with the flu at the moment, cracked nipples and she will feed for 10 mins, fall asleep at the breast then wake up 10 mins later screaming for me and that pattern continues.

My question is, I have bought Karicare for newborns and have so far given her 2 bottles of 50mls. She has only drunk about 20mls of each of those bottles. The first she kept down but the second bottle it all came up. Do I keep giving it to her? I'm guessing her body might take a bit to get used to? But it's like she has nothing in her stomach. Hmm...

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Have you thought of expressing also and gradually introducing formula.

It is alot on their tums to go from breast to bottle in one hit.

Maybe if you epressed and fed her by the bottle and introduced the formula slowly until the formula is in on all feeds.

I am not critising or judging you for bottle feeding but I am sure you know being a mum already that the first week of breastmilk is important so if you can get her to drink as much as possible of that and then wean her onto formula.
Good on you for doing what is best for you, your baby and your family.
I would say she may take a day or two to get use to the formula, but if she continues to vomit up all her milk I would go see a Dr.

Good luck
glad to hear all is well for you, i feel the same about bonding - love looking into his eyes while his feeding, he even tries smiling now while he has a bottle in his mouth!

robert 15 feb 06 qld

i breast fed for two days give or take and changed to bottle as i couldn't handle the pain.... i had a few bottles in the first week or two that came back up. i asked the health nurse and she said that the vomit always looks like much much more then what it really is most of it is fluid and only a small % is formula. she just said to keep an eye out for dehydration if it happens alot. and to give a bottle of warm boiled water 20- 50 mls every now and then if i was worried of dehydration

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