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Hi guys,
i am the very proud mum of a 7 week year old. i have been trying to express for those times when we go out. I am finding it very time consuming ( of which i don't have.) It can take me a week just to express enough for one feed! I am using the atventsis hand pump. Are there any tricks of the trade out there? Also when is the best time? Ethan feeds on both breasts and leaves very little to be expressed, most of the time i'll be lucky to express 20 mls after he has finished. But if i take it out before he has it i am worried there will not be enough for him.. At each sitting of expressing how long should i sit and keep trying. Someone suggested an hour?!
Hi Kayc here are points to keep in mind that my MCN gave me.

Only express in the morning after feeds.

At 7 weeks 20-40mls is normal.

Sit next to bub when expressing (helps with letdown)

If you know Bubs is going down for a big sleep in the afternoon, more than 3 hours, then you can express all milk from both boobs off.

To increase supply try and feed him until you have had let downs on both sides (even if he is just suckling)

Be careful not to injure your nipples by expressing for too long. You can tell when there is no milk left because the flow will decrease to virtually nothing, this is the time to stop.

Ensure you are sitting comfortably and are relaxed
or you will not be as successful.

Let me know how you go. Naomi T

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