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i would like to compare my experience of breastfeeding with any other new mothers. My baby is 3 months old and i am still having all sorts of dramas with breastfeeding her.


My son is also 3 months old.
I am lucky as I have no problems with feeding.
What are your problems and maybe it has something to do with settling or something else?

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my first born caused me all sorts of trouble breastfeeding. mastitis, cracked nipples etc. the best thing to do is to try to continue and get constant help from community health centres, australian breastfeeding assn or anyone else you know who has breastfed. i breastfed my daughter until 14 months. my son now is 4 months old and i have had no problems at all with breastfeeding. it really is not as easy as it looks but with the right help it makes it easier. good luck it is worth persevering with it as it really makes things easier and cheaper!!

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If you are interested, I posted my breastfeeding story in <Pregnancy & Birth><After the Birth><Breastfeeding>

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Im lucky my daughter loves being breastfed.
Ive had the usuall cracked nipples and so on but i suggest u persisit with it.My suggestion is try to stay stress free whilst breastfeeding and make sure u and the baby are comftable.
If you haven't already spoken to the ABA (Austalian Breastfeeding Association) please do so. I was ready to give up breastfeeding my son due to cracked nipples and other problems but thanks to the ABA counseller I am still happily breastfeeding my now 1 year old. It turned out he wasn't latching on properly and had a habbit of having his tounge to the roof off his mouth which made it hard. Good Luck!! Also please don't feel like you have failed if you are unable to continue Breastfeeding you gave it a go and that is all that matters.

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i'm not sure dramas you are having but here is my experience so far. we would be interested to know as one of us may be going through the same thing right now or have experienced it recently.

our daughter was 6 weeks premmie (she is now 3 months old). For the first 2 weeks I had to express as she was tube fed. i wasn't able to try breastfeeding her until her 3rd week in hospital.

with the nurses help we were able to get her to feed on my right side but had difficulty on the left. We tried the footy hold and also tried using a nipple shield to help her to latch on properly. the nipple shield was the way to go for me.

when we came home i had the usual anxieties: is she getting enough, how often should i feed her etc, etc.

we were able to dispose of the nipple shield after about a week (i think this was more of a confidence thing for me rather than a necessity towards the end).

i joined the Australian Breastfeedin Assoc. as soon as she came out of hospital and attend our local meeting every fortnight. this was a great help. i would recommend to anyone to join. not only for the support but it made me get out of my pj's before lunch at least one day of the week!!!!!

madeline was settling and sleeping soundly for 2 hours at a time. she was also producing plenty of wet nappies throughout the day.

she has days where wants to feed all the time but this is not everyday. i am told that this is quite normal as she is probably ready for a growth spurt and is just trying to build up my supply.

she is also not sleeping for as long during the day, but is more playful. she is still waking at least once through the night.

hope this helps.


do not stress about it you will find mishnbsbe ..........

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I would love to chat to you about any problems you might have im new mum bub is 15 days old im having no real major issues just a few thing id love to chat about lets talk
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