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Cries on and off during feeds Lock Rss

Hi all

My bubs is 9 weeks old and was on S26gold and very distressed. Now he is on S26 lactose free formula which our paed suggested.

He is alot less distressed after changing formula, but on a few occcasions he cries on and off during his feeds.

He burps really well, so I know it's not that.

Could it be that he is tired or having trouble doing poo's?. I dont think he is constipated because he poo's every second day and sometimes a couple of days in a row or sometimes a couple of times a day, and they range in consistency.

Or do you think that it may be reflux?

Thanx for you r time
All the best

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Hi ZacsMum,

This was happening with my son for a while (i put up a post in feeding your newborn under.. is it reflux??) i actually haven't figured it out yet. I think with Christian it's just a mystery that I will never fully understand. My MCHN told me it was reflux until I saw another one which said it wasn't and that he just didn't like the taste of milk!!!
I had him on s26Gold and it made him constipated, then i put him onto NanHA1 but he was vomiting and crying through his bottle, now he's on Heinz starter and the vomiting has nearly disappeared and he rarely cries with his bottle now. The last few days I've been giving him 150mls of formula instead of 200mls and even though he's having less milk in one go, he's added up for it by having an extra bottle. I think the quantity was too much in one go for him because now he's even more settled between feeds and he's sleeping a bit better during the day.
Have you tried using Coloxyl drops for his poo??? If you use it and you see he's pooing better and easier than he probably is constipated.
But just keep an eye on him or maybe keep a diary with how often he's doing a poo, how much he sleeps and how often he's crying with the bottle, you might find a pattern as to what time of the day he's mostly unsettled and you might work out what the problem is.
Hope I've been some help.
Hey Zac's Mum,
I had the same problem with my son Parker, He was on S26 Gold and he was really grizzly between feeds and constipated i thought it was reflux so i changed his formula to S26 AR and the grizzling stoped he slept better and was more happier and had regular bowel movements. It makes their tummy's fuller too. Hope this helps you.

Sarah & Parker

Sarah, SA, 6week baby

hi thanx for your responses!!

Sarah SA what is the AR mean with the S26?

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Hi ZacsMUM thought i would reply in case Sarah doesnt come back to this post. AR on all formula's stands for Anti Reflux. It has a thickening agent in it and the idea is as its thicker reflux babies are able to keep at least most of it down. It did help with our sons reflux. Hope that helps. Sorry Sarah I hope you dont mind me answering that one?? I just know what it is like when you have this problem and you want answers like yesterday. I have posted things like this myself and sometimes you can wait weeks for an answer. I hope neither of you are offended.
Thanx alot for your reply.

I still not sure why my bubs cries during feeds. I dont think it is reflux, but I'm not sure. I think he may just be tired.

All the best

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i have this problem with Ryan occassionally too except he is breastfed. He is really hungry and latches on to the boob as though he hasn't fed in days but after a few sucks pulls off screaming. Its very frustrating because he is frustrated he isn't getting any food and i was getting frustrated cause he was so upset. When it happens it happens with the feeds between 4pm and 7pm.

Anyway after trying lots of things I have worked out in Ryan's case he is just appears to be overly tired. As soon as he does the pulling off and crying thing I rock him to sleep in my arms. He sleeps for maybe 15 minutes and when he wakes up he is happy again and then has no problems with feeding. It is really odd and I don't fully understand why he does it but this little trick works wonders for me.


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

I had the same problem with my breastfed baby which was initially diagnosed as reflux. He used to latch on okay, and then pull off and scream but still act starving (sounds just like Jo's Ryan).

I ended up seeing a physiotherapist who specialised in babies who thought he had a sore neck and diagnosed torticollis. The physio gave us some exercises to do, and after a week or so of them - he was fine!

I'm glad I was able to help my little boy's sore neck (I think he was too!), we are now still breastfeeding and loving it!

Good luck!
Hi Zac'sMum ,

I'd have to agree with Jo, not sure how often your feeding him, but he may just be very tired, when he is crying during feeds,

How often are you feeding him?...
if they are really well spaced apart, and your baby is otherwise sleeping well, maybe you should look further into the reflux angle,


Liam Evan, 2

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