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Natural remidies for reflux Lock Rss

Please respond with your own tips and ideas

I heard that you can treat reflux with rhubarb and soda water. If anyone has heard of this do you use flat soda water, becuse I wouldn't think you would use fizzy soda water.



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Where did you hear that? I'll try a natural remedy if it'll help. My son is 6wks. Do you cook and puree the rhubarb? And I would imagine you'd use flat soda water but the fizziness might be what enos.

Let me know how you go



hi guys.
you can buy a bottle fro the chemist and it is reccommended by the womens and childrens hospital.
i have been using it on my bub but it doesnt seem to make much difference, but some people swear by it. just ask at the chemist. i think it was around the $8 mark, but be careful because my lachie didnt seem to like the taste too much and spat it out and it may stain!
what i do is i mix it in with some cooles boiled water, and a small amount of brown sugar to get rid of the yucky taste



My boy is now 7 months old and he has had reflux since he was 1 week old. He has been on medication since 7 weeks old. I have tried everything natural that I possibly could, but nothing at all helped me, except for his medication Losec. I am slowly weaning him off it now, I only give it to him on occassion, I just feel it is something they grow out of, but just remember that it is really painful for a baby with reflux, please don't let them go through that pain without treating it. See a paediatrician as soon as possible.

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I don't know if this is true or not but i've heard chamomile tea or aniseed (boiled in water) help. If someone finds this helps, let me know.



In reply to Kylie..What exactly is the remedy from the chemist called? My chemist hasn't heard of it but said if I have a name and or brand they could probably order it...

Jade, QLD, DS Sept 04, #2 due 06/08/07

Hi Jade, i have just replied to your email.

There is no actual brand, it is made by the womens and childrens hospital. Im not sure which state you are in, im in Adelide, and we can go to the pharmacy at the hospital and buy it over the counter.

I actually got mine from Terry White Chemist afetr begging for something without a script.

But if you are seriously having that much trouble with reflux then maybe a prescription medication would be best for your bubs

Silent Reflux symptons are usually bad breath when burping, screwing face up after a burp, chewing on their wind, vomiting and chewing it with facial expressions of disgust.
My boy has silent reflux and a bit of colic. He doesn't burp well but you can see that he has a yukky taste by his facial expressions and bad breath.
I have been using a rhuger mixture which is rhubard and ginger from a pharmacy in Dunedin and this has helped heaps.
Good luck
These are the symptoms: vomiting; posseting; regurgitation (vomiting and spilling is not always present, there is silent reflux where the stomach contents will only come partially up the oesophagus); repeated hiccoughs; sleep disturbances; irritability and excessive crying; failure to thrive; feeding interruptions; feeding problems- either comfort feeding or food refusal; screams during or after feeds; back arching; appears to be in pain; repeated coughing; recurrent chest infections. Not all of these symptoms will be present. If you suspect that your child may have gastric reflux, then seek the help of a health professional. For support email [email protected]
For reference for natural remedies for reflux
I contacted a naturopath for all information so it is accurate. I use natural remedies alongside prescribed midicines, it works well.
Donna. I national co-ordinator GRSIC (Assn) NZ Web

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