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I have recently introduced formula into my son's routine, and have therefore cut down on the number of breastfeeds he gets daily ... for the first few weeks, my breats were still producing a LOT of milk; however, recently the milk supply has been dwindling considerably. I just wondered if there is anything i can do in order to build up a bigger supply of milk again. I would greatly appreciate any advice, as i don't want to give up breastfeeding altogether ... i just found that introducing formula keeps my baby more content! Thanks

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Hi Brandons_mum

I am definetely no expert because I haqve had alot of problems with breast feeding my baby, but the tips I was given is that maybe you milk has settled down and is produciing enough for what your baby is eating.

Like everybody says supply and demand. Your breast will only make milk if it is taken out.

When you skip feeds and comp feed with formula your breasts wont produce the milk if it is not taken out.

To increase supply try expressing with a hand pump or electric pump. But be sure you do remove your milk as often as you can. Try expressing when your baby is due for a feed.

Baby is more effective at getting milk out, than hand expressing or expressing with a pump.

My story is a bit like yours. My baby is 7 weeks old and I breastfeed exclusivley for the first 4 weeks even though my baby had trouble latching onto the breast, I kept persisting. I was given help from lactation consultant and from staff at child and youth health, but we were still having trouble.
As we were both becoming stressed and frustrated I decided to comp feed with formula and expressed the milk. But the more formula I gave him the less feeds he was having of breast milk and I wasn't able to express enough milk out. Now 7 weeks on I'm luckly to get 20mls in 3 days.

So if you can try to feed him from the breast each feed.

Also be sure that he is getting more of the hind milk instead of the foremilk which is alot more filling for him. Try visiting/looking up the breast feed association on the net, they have counsellers whom are very helpful.

Let me know how you are going
All the best

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You could also try fenugreek - you can get it at chemists and health food stores. I found that this has worked to build up my supply with both my girls - the only problem I then have is getting them to take it. Once you have built up your supply using fenugreek, you need to ensure that the milk is taken - either by the baby, or expressing, otherwise it will drop again. Baby is best if they will take it, as expressing is not as efficient and the supply will drop. Also fenugreek can change the taste/smell of the milk - making it sweeter.

The other thing to try is expressing after every feed, even if you don't get much, the breasts are still being stimulated more, and encouraged to make more milk.

Good luck.

mum to 2 girls

thanx for your information (both who have replied)!! I have never heard of fenugreek before! Do you think if there is a period of say 6-8 hours in the day that I am not able to breastfeed, that I can still build up my milk supply? You see, I'm back at work now, and I can't really express at work as there's really nowhere to do it! I usually express in da morn before i leave and my bub has that when he wakes up (but the amount of milk i get each day varies a LOT)! He also has a bottle of formula to top it up! He usually has another bottle before i get home from work. When i get home he usually has two breastfeeds b/w 3pm and 7pm ... then one or two bottles of formula before bed, dpeending how long he is awake! I try to express at night before i go to bed, so then that would build up like an extra feed's worth of milk, but it's not working!! I really don't want to stop breastfeeding yet ... it's a very rewarding part of motherhood, (for me anyway)!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

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