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Differences between formulas? Lock Rss

Hi everyone

I've just discovered this site, and it's great. My 7 weeks old son has been on S26 gold since he was born. The hospital advised me not to change him, even though this formula is one of the most expensive you can purchase. As hubby and I are trying to save a few dollars, does anyone know the difference between the Gold formula and normal S26? I know the normal S26 is about $5 cheaper per tin.

I am also considering changing to Karicare after hearing peoples experiences taking their babies off S26. Ryan feeds every 3 - 4 hours, struggles to bring up his wind and has very sloppy, green poos. Maybe the change would suit him?

Any advice shared would be great.
Hi Amy

Well, i have tried just about every formula out there i think! I wouldnt really recommend S26 at all as my baby was really constipated and windy on it.
My daughter had bad colic( it is just starting to dissapear now she is 3 months) and she also has reflux. I think a really good one is the Karicare (you dont have to buy the "gold" one), and also Heinz Nurture. I have had my daughter on the Heinz Nurture for about a month now, and we have had no problems at all. Its quite a bit cheaper too, at about $11.50 or $12 a can. I dont know why so many child health nurses recommend the S26 , as i know a lot of people who have had problems with it.
Also, you can buy some acidophilus for babies at most health food stores and that really helps with their digestive system. Once your baby turns 3 months he will be able to burp so much easier as well- as they start to do these things themselves!
I don't know much as I am still learning because I am new to this even though my son is 8mths...but I have been told that S26 Gold has a hold on the market but it is also the best as it has alot of added vitamins for brain stimulation and development. I was also told by MH nurse that Karicare is made from vegetable fat whereas S26 is made from animal and vege fat. I have used s26 gold since birth, changing it once, only to get back to it. Yes it is more expensive but in the end....The green poos as far as I know is related to the amount of iron being absorbed so it isn't a bad thing...I was also told not to change the formula too much as this interupts digestive development..Speak to your nurse for advice. Good luck. Hopefully this advice helps.
hey amy,
yes i know the diff between the 2....the gold has alot more fatty acids then the normal s25.
our daughter was every spewy on gold we changed her fed to normal and she was fine for 2 months and now her poo has gone the green and messy so were thinking off changing to karcare,,,

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

my 5 week old is on karicare infants, whey dominant, and i find it really great, and cheaper. (although nz prices are different to aus) and has taken to it really well. it has made him a bit constipated though, but he is starting to have poos that are soft and not hard pellets, i think he is getting used to the formula. also (im a first time mum) my auntie gives me advice sometimes, and one lot she gave me was, if the poos are green, it means they have wind, i dont know if everyone agrees with me on this one, but i find if he brings up alot of wind, his poos are more yellow than green.

sarah (20), damian (20), thomas (5wks) Auckland NZ

My son is now 12 months and I tried many different formulas. Basically my experiences taught me that nearly all babies have reflux and colic regardless of what formula they have and poos can range from runny to rock hard and painful, but as their digestive system is so immature I don't think formula brand will make a hell of a difference. My health nurse told me the main reason they suggest you don't change the formula too often is that different brands have different measurements of water per scoop and an accidental mix up could occur (we're not that stupid). The difference with gold formula is that it contains LCP's, apparently good for brain development, but 2 doctors including a peadiatrition told me that the benefits are minimal if anything and by the time they are school age there is no difference between children who had gold formula or those who didn't.
My son ended up on Heinz, which is the cheapest and just as good as any other brand (if you compare the nutritional information on the back of the cans, they all contain pretty much the same). Heinz also have a gold formula which cost about $16 if you really want the gold.
Unfortunately wind will most likely be a problem until about 6 months regardless of formula ( it was for my son). Infacol worked well for me when it got really bad (supermarkets stock it ), but I didn't like to use it too often.
My main point is, it really isn't necessary to spend more money than you need to.
I hope this helps, Amy
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