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Encouragement needed for BF Lock Rss

Georgia is 16 days old and i'm almost about to throw in towel when it comes to bf. My son is 22 mths and he is like glad wrap and always wants my attn. Georgia is feeding very sporadically, 45 mins to 1 hr bt feeds to anywhere to 3 to 4 hours. All my time is spent feeding or expressing which is unfair on my son. How often can a newborn bf per day (son was a formula baby and i feel so guilty though i know i shouldn't). If on boob the feeds will be closer but if she has ebm in bottles she seems to go longer but she tends to sometimes projectile vomit it out and so i've to do it again resulting in more time used.
A night feed can go on for 2hrs and she has 2 feeds at night. What i want to know is how long on boob or just offer 1 boob until she comes off and then the other if she wants? She falls asleep on boob and will wake hungry again before long and i an't keep her awake when feeding. Also when expressing does the milk come out at the same rate as sucking? I can express 100 mls in about 15mins so does she get the same in 15 mins sucking? And if i only express and offer it in bottles will i compromise my milk supply?
Sorry for droning on but there is so mant diff opinions out there that my head is spinning. Maybe i should throw in the towel but i'll feel guilty knowing that i had the milk and chose not to give her the "best" start in life. I never look down on mums who chose to formula feed but it's just the way i feel about bf personally if you know what i mean!!

Mum to Aidan 20 Jan 04 and Georgia 10 Nov 05

I can understand how hard it would be with an older toddler, very demanding.

Have you thought about a comfortable sling to wear the bub in?
My friend wears hers all the time, she has an older boy, wears it like a wrap and when bub wakes the nipple is right there to suck on.
Is there any one who can give you support, take your big boy out for a couple of hours so you can lie down on the bed and snuggle up to your baby?
My daughter bfed every hour - hour and a half for at least the first couple of months - totally
And the more you express, the more you will make!
Yah to supply and demand...
If your feeling depressed as well, give the ABA a call, they have wonderful counsellors who really gave me a boost when my supply went down.
And just think, although you are feeling bad about time with your son, this will pass in a matter on weeks.
Mabye get a special box with crayons or threading etc he could have?
Hope this helps.

jen, mum to sahra born 28.6.04

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