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has anyone else got too much milk Lock Rss

its been one week since i gave birth to a girl and my breasts are constantly leaking my clothes are soaked all the time i end up changing clothes every few hrs as the milk soaks me from top to my knees. just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. how long did this last for till it settled down if ever?

sunshine, geraldton,serenity born 17/3/04

I had this problem in the early days, my health sister would tell me i was a perfect candidate for a breast milk bank if there was one!!!!!
You may have to wait a few weeks before your baby sorts out your supply, i was told not to express as my body would continue to produce that much milk if i did, just wear good breast pads and try be patient!!!!!!! Otherwise express a little for comfort and store the milk in the freezer, you never know when it might come in handy!!!

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

Hi Dove

I had the opposite problem, I never seemed to have enough!!! However my sister and a few friends have been in your boat - they were told only to express for comfort, and then only if absolutely necessary as your body will think you are using it and will keep producing. It should settle down soon - they say usually 6 - 8 weeks.
All the best

thanks for the info it good too know im not the only one that feels like a milk machine. my grandma says she was the same.

sunshine, geraldton,serenity born 17/3/04

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