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Will I ever venture outdoors without my pillow??? Lock Rss

Hi all, im a new mum to 4 week old Blake - delivered by emergency c-section. I had quite a negative experience in hospital where I was told I was going to have problems attaching my baby because I have flat nipples (ive since found that babies bring your nipples out when they feed) all of the negativity has made me feel quite stressed at times although the feeding is going well now. Problem is im nervous to go out to town shopping and to events etc incase he needs a feed. Im still feeding using a pillow to lie my son on because its so comfortable - my midwife assures me I wont need the pillow forever. I have tried to feed without it but find the angles difficult with large breasts - help, will I ever get it right???

Blakes mum

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Have you gone withoutt your pillow yet? Bennett is 5 dasys old and I can't imagine feeding him without my trust pillows (helps with the sore c section scar too) and tips you gather let me know gasp)

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Firstly congratulations on breastfeeding successfully, I struggled with it for a week and heartbreakingly gave up. Have you considered expressing and keeping some breast milk in the freezer for outings. I've heard that it is good to get them used to a bottle while they are young as it makes it easier to wean them when the time comes.
i too was afraid to go out & am large up top also the pillow was good for the tummy after a caesar, i put my daughter under my arm and have no trouble now but she is getting to big for that position & lies across my tummy now no problems . unless im in a chair thats not to comfy. it does take getting use to alex os nearly 3 months now & im more comfortable with everything. hope everything falls into place for you soon
Hi Brooke

The pillow will not last forever - it was the only way I could breastfeed at first, probably up until my baby was 3 months or so. Some people probably don't need to have it for as long as I did. I used to take a cushion with me when I had to go out somewhere and would hunt around to find the good mothers rooms where you could breastfeed with a curtain as I felt a bit uncomfortable in front of others. Someone already mentioned in this post that expressing and freezing the milk for going out is a good option too. It is good to have a supply in the freezer and get your baby used to a bottle for times when you need to leave your baby with someone else or you simply can't find a comfortable place to feed.

Yes, you will get it right eventually but it takes time and lots of patience (something I had to learn!). Just think you only have to go through this once and then you will be a pro when it comes time for the next baby!


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

just keep using the pillow!...I can't see anything wrong with that !

and as far as outings, if you can plan some short ones first, straight after feeding your baby, maybe just a short walk around the block, and gradually increase the time, you'll be amazed how quickly your confidence picks up!...


Liam Evan, 2

Hi Brooke, Hope to still read this site! I had exactly the same problem as you, my baby is now 9 weeks and feeding from the breast. I used nipple sheilds for they first 6 weeks, that had helped me so much. Had it not been for the sheilds I would have given up. I was in alot of pain before as in hospital the midwives were very rough with me and forcing my son on which caused my nipples to crack, they are fine now. I still use the pillow like yourself for comfort, as I to have the big breasts, but I can with a bit of effort feed without. How are you going now with baby being 8 months??

Kylie and son Scott - 9/9/04, Southland, NZ

Hi There,

Have you tried feeding your baby by the football method? Look into it as we went out for a while and of cause Jaxon wanted to be feed - I was a pillow feeder and didn't have one so I went back to the car (as there wasn't and baby rooms there) and it was quite easy to feed him without a pillow there - just using my knee like a pillow.

I recommend the feeding postition of the football method and have done it with my 2 children. As my breast increase in size and I felt I was suffocating him especially whe they are really full.

Hope this helps you.


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