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I have an 8 week old girl who has been diagnosed with reflux. Generally it is silent reflux, which means she doesn't vomit all the time (only occassionally) but just has the pain and discomfort. Most daytime feeds end with her screaming for between 5 minutes and 1 hour, but at night she is generally okay, only screaming for a few minutes, if at all. She also often refuses the breast initially and it can take up to 5 minutes to get her attached, only to have her pull off screaming a minute or two later, but still looking for food. She is in no routine with her feeding, sometimes wanting to feed after only 2 hours, other times 5 (not influenced by day or night). A good feed is about 6 minutes per side. She has been on mylanta with every feed since 6 weeks. I also have the head of her bed and change table raised.

My eldest daughter also had reflux, and became a failure to thrive baby due to the feeding problems, and I am worried about that happening again.

I would love to hear from any other mums who have experienced a baby with reflux, and their tips on what worked for them.


mum to 2 girls

My son had reflux and was breastfed. Usually it was the full upchuck version, but occasionally silent (I think the silent was worse). The Mylanta didn't work for George, actually made him worse (he was full of gas, and couldn't release it, so in major pain). From what I have read and heard changing to formula doesn't usually help, and of course means they don't then get the benefit of your antibodies. I think all you can really do is keep their head raised whenever possible. Try to feed her with her head higher than tummy, and take her off part way through to burp her.
He's 15 months old now and much better, still has silent from time to time, but doesn't seem to hurt the same.

One way you're lucky is the length of feeds, George would take an hour to feed, throw up, then want feeding 2 hours later, it was really tiring!

Hope thing improve soon.

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Thanks for the reply. The effectiveness of the mylanta has diminished with time - as well as giving my baby diarrhoea, so we have been switched to gaviscon.

The problem is getting worse, with her now refusing the breast in the afternoons and evenings. I am unable to express enough to cover what she is taking from a bottle, so may have no choice but to switch to formula.

I have started another topic to see if anyone has any suggestions for breast refusal.

Thanks again for your reply - it helps to know what others have been through.

mum to 2 girls

hey guys
my daughter too has feflux have tried lots and lots off meds have found "marina infaint mixture " to work the best doesnt stop the spew but does stop the pain can only buy it from this website
give it ago,

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Hi All

Just thought I'd let you know that the Marina Infaint Mixture is available from Pharmacies. I've been using it since Jordyn was 2 weeks old and it's great for both reflux and wind. It's worth giving it a try as it's one of the cheaper meds around (about $13 a bottle.)
Hi mum2girls,

I came online a put on a post about my 6wk old son. He has reflux and when I read your post, it was so very similar to what I'm going thru. From the unpredictable screaming in pain after a feed to showing hunger signs but not attaching properly on the breast and when he does unattaches screaming a couple of minutes later ( not always). He will often lose most of the feed and then want to feed 2 or 3 hrs later.
I don't have him on medication yet, I have only elevated 1 end of his bed. Sorry, but I don't have any tips for you. Only to let you know you are not alone.
Let me know how the gaviscon goes. I did read, however, from another post that Marina Infaint Mixture is quite good for wind and reflux and can be bought from pharmacies.



Gaviscon seems to be working in that she is not totally refusing to feed, and the screaming is generally limited to 10 minutes or so after each feed, rather than hours. I'm struggling to maintain my milk supply, as her feeds are usually only a couple of minutes each side, but then she is getting very hungry each afternoon and evening, and increasingly frustrated at the breast. I'm finding that I am having to supplement her feed with formula either through a supply line or by bottle when she won't take the breast and supply line - as she was only having 3-4 wet nappies a day and her weight gain wass starting to slow (she has had some weight loss).
Hopefully things will start to settle soon - I'll let you know.

mum to 2 girls

My daughter also has reflux and my doctor put her on Zantc Syrup, it treats reflux/heartburn and is also suposed to help with wind. I also have a fisher-price cradle swing, which is great to keep her upright and it gently rocks her after a feed.
Just thought I would let everyone know how things are going.

After a week or so of supplementary feeds my daughter decided that she liked the bottle a lot better than the breast, and totally refused to be breast fed. I expressed for a few weeks until my milk supply dried up (we were on holidays and travelling at the time so expressing was not always possible).

She is now totally formula fed, growing well, and has had only a couple of minor reflux episodes during the past month, and is no longer on medication for reflux. She can even lie flat now without getting reflux. It seems to be the bottle rather than what is in it that made the difference, as even with expressed breast milk she was a lot more settled - less wind, less reflux, and more control over how fast/slow she gets the milk she wants. It is so nice having relaxing, comfortable feeds without all the crying and screaming. I can not believe what a difference it made, and in such a short time. (just in case anyone is interested I am using NAN HA formula, which is a partially hydrolised formula, making it easier for a baby to digest than a standard formula).

Thanks for all those who responded.

mum to 2 girls

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