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My 13 week old baby boy has recently started sucking, coming off the boob and crying, then going back on and doing it all again. It is very frustrating for me (and obviously him) but I don't know what the problem is. It's not too much/little milk and surely if it's a growth spurt he wouldn't be coming off all the time? I just wondered if anyone else had had the same thing happen?
Hi Kelly

Have you eaten anything different lately - the taste of your milk changes according to what you eat. They do go through a growth spurt at around three months - sometimes they get frustrated if the flow isn't fast enough. My son got a bit fussy when his first teeth came through at 4 1/2 months. I hope this helps - sorry they're all pretty vague suggestions smile. Have you spoken to your child health nurse - mine were all really supportive with any problems I had, or maybe try the breastfeeding association.

All the best
Has he recently changed his feeding patterns? My son went through the same sort of thing, just when he was changing his feeding routine! My breasts were low on milk for a few days until they adjusted to the 'extra supply' he required!! Don't know if that helps ... good luck

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Hi there,

I had this problem at 15 weeks, my period was on the way and apparently your milk changes a little during this time. Has your little one started sleeping through or has he dropped a feed, if so you could be pre menstural, or maybe its just coming, not everyone has no period while fully breast feeding.
I would suggest you try to express after each feed, to build up your supply just in case your supply is lowering.
If you contnue to have problems but dont want to give up, speak to a lactation consultant, if you live in vic i can give you the name of a really good one.

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

Hi again Kelly!

I forgot - I don't know how - my son also gets really fussy just before my period. I got my first one back when he was 13 weeks old - he's now 9 months - and every month for the few days before my period starts he twists and turns his head while feeding. Hope this helps.

Hi Kelly,

This happened to me too, and we found it was just a stage he went thru. It probably only lasted about 2 weeks, so i hope things are getting better.


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Kelly,

My 11 week old boy is doing exactly the same thing at the moment too.

When he started dropping one of his night-time feeds he used to fuss on the breast in the morning because of the amount of milk (which gave him wind)... and that was fine I used to burp him and chuck him back on. But now he is doing it basically at every feed and burping doesn't help. This week I have dropped from about 20mins on the first breast with 5-10 on the second breast to struggling to keep him on the first breast for 10 mins and then on the second for 3 mins (except his dream feed at 2am when he would stay there forever if I didn't detach him). This is why I have come on line trying to find out what he is doing too:-)

As he is still sleeping the same and his eating timeline is as per normal I am assuming he has just worked out how to feed himself really well?? Maybe it just clicked to him that he can get the feed over with faster if he really wants?? I am just going to weight until I weigh him next week...if he puts on the same amount of weight I will just let him have his smaller feeds. Can't complain about it smile

It was great to hear about the possible period link but I hope that isn't the reason for my babies fussing! I've so enjoyed the whole last year!

Sandra - 11 week old boy
Hi Sandra,

Glad I'm not the only one going through it. I think the reason he's doing it is because the milk isn't coming quick enough for him - I've always had loads of milk and now it's established he gets frustrated. The morning feeds are normally ok but he gets more on and off during the afternoon. Today I expressed his night feed and he's gone to sleep at 6.30 which is unheard of! smile
My 12 week baby is doing exactly the same thing at the moment.. (breastfed) he pulls himself off, cries then opens his with desperation to put himself back on again to do the whole thing over and over again.. has been doing it for about 4 days now and seems abit more irritable than normal during the day also.. no idea what is causing it, but hopefully the fussiness won't last too long smile
Hi everyone

My son is now 9 1/2 months old, last week he started getting fussy again, I wasn't sure what it was - I'm still not. I thought my milk was starting to dry up, I also had my period. Now this week my milk supply seems to have increased (I did give a couple extra feeds each day last week) - so I'm thinking he may be going through yet another growth spurt. Anyhow this seems to happen on and off, so I think maybe when he has really quick feeds - he usually only takes a couple of minutes each side these days - my supply starts going down and I've got to give those extra feeds for a couple of days to get it back to normal, or maybe he just has a bigger appetite sometimes. I just thought I'd share that in case anyone is going through the same thing.

All the best
My little boy is still going with his short feeds. Went to an ABA meeting last week and asked one of the people there and she said that babies can just learn how to be expert at it and that some babies do just click in a day...especially around the three month mark. He also does what Jasmine says every couple of days he has an extra feed which I guess is to boost the supply up a bit again??

I weighed him and now he is 6.3kg and put on 720g in the last three weeks!! (which the nurse said was above average for what babies put on) so I am feeling a bit more confident now that he is getting everything he needs.

In hindsight I now think his fussiness was more that he didn't want anymore milk and I kept trying to make him have more smile This whole baby thing is so hard to get right! I keep repeating to myself what my mum says "Everything is the right way as long as it suits you and the baby"

Thanks for listening everybody!

Cheers Sandra
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