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hard to breath whilst feeding Lock Rss

has anyone any advice on how to relieve my 5 week olds breathing whilst feeding - he has been feeding like a dream but suddenly over the past couple of days he is really irratic, on and off the breast and not getting a good feed so he wants to feed every hour!! i couldn't think why and i thought maybe its because he seems a little blocked up...?

Mum to Josh & Ben

My little one used to do this too at around the same age. It lasted for a little while and cleared up by itself. Make sure his nose is not blocked and the nostrils open to allow breathing as babies breathe solely through the nose while feeding.
I think I had put down my lo's behaviour to being overtired and hence why he was pulling off the breast all the time during the feed. He still does it sometimes late in the day when he is clearly overtired and just cannot seem to concentrate on the feed.
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