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Anyone had problems with S-26 Lock Rss

I have noticed my 3mth old boy has had some disturbance with the S-26 formula. He is very restless and has dark green poo. I am changing to Karicare Gold as I have heard it is better for his digestive system. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

Michael, Vic, Born 11-12-03

Almost all my bottle feeding friends had a problem with s26, Karicare seems to be one of the best, just by hearing other peoples veiws,


Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

Thankyou for replying
i am trying karicare at the moment it seems
to be better poos are a bit loose but i am told it is normal when there on karicare.


Michael, Vic, Born 11-12-03


My baby girl is 7 weeks. I started her on S26Gold at 2 weeks. She is thriving on it and sleeps well but gets constipated and is VERY upset for a few hours every second day. She also gets a small expressed breast milk feed everyday. My M & CH Nurse told me to give her cooled boiled water to help but it hasn't.

I'm about to try out Karicare Gold and see how she is on that.

Hi bangus
my son has been on karicare gold for only two days and already is more settled i much prefer it to s26
he has been sleeping better to.Let my know how you go on it.

good luck


Michael, Vic, Born 11-12-03

Hi Mary,

Olivia has been on Karicare Gold for 2 days now. I'm not too sure how it's going yet. She did sleep well last night though.

I'll let you know if there's any change.

How's Michael going on it? Still good?

Update on Olivia,

Well she's been on Karicare Gold for 4 days now and I am very happy. Her poo's are softer (they smell worse but I can live with that) and she is settling so much better. I am currently enjoying some time to read my emails while she has a snooze, Ahhh..... the sound of silence!

Thanks all for your info, I'm so glad I found this site.

Hi Bri,

I am glad Olivia is doing well, Michael is doing well
too. He is more settled and has been sleeping longer, it's been great. I know what you mean about the poo smelling but as you said I can live with that too.

Take care,


p.s. Keep me updated on how Olivia is doing.

Michael, Vic, Born 11-12-03

My son is on S26 and he has had no problems with it. S26 was what the hospital suggested and give the newborns so it must be a personal taste thing.

Soap is for the body tears are for the soul


Thanks for your response. Even though hospitals do use s-26, doesn't mean it is suitable for all babies unfortunately. Lots of babies get bad constipation from s-26 and like yours some do very well on it. Even the midwife will recommend another formula if it is not thriving on the s-26.

I don't think it is a personal taste thing, I think it is more to do with the baby's milk tolerance and health.



Michael, Vic, Born 11-12-03


Since having this problem I've spoken to friends and it turns out quite a few started their bub's on S26 only to have the same trouble as Olivia did. I think it's just a well known name and that's why so many people choose it first.

I am very happy I swapped her to a different formula. She is sleeping so much better at night and is a lot more settled and happier during the day.

hi. my 7 wk old son has been constipated since i put him on the bottle at 1 1/2 wks old. add a small amount of brown sugar to the water and if it gets really bad there is a stool softener called lactoluse that you can also add which seems to help, but unfortunatly is not a long term solution. i asked th doctor about his formula which is the chemmart brand of s-26 and she said it usually has nothing to do with the formula and the worst thing you can do is change it. if your baby seems better on it please let me know because if it works for you i wouldnt mind giving it a go...

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