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My baby boy is 2 months old, (still happy on only being breast fed) and after reading the many topics on solids and formula, I was wondering everyones opinion if it is better to start on a supplimentary bottle of formula or solids at a young age.. i.e from 3-4 months, seeing it is usually recommended solids from 6 months now. I get conflicting advice from friends and family and was wondering what you all think.
Hi Newmum

You may not have to do either until 6 months. My son has always been a slow grower - he was born 3815g but now at nearly 9 months he's only about 7.5kg. I tried him on rice cereal at 4 1/2 months after being advised to by one of the nurses at our clinic due to his size. However he got a bad rash on his bottom after a couple of days so I stopped and didn't try it again until he was 5 1/2 months and he was fine with it. The nurse said it wasn't an allergic reaction, his body just wasn't ready for solids yet. The latest World Health Organisation recommendation is to wait as close to 6 months as possible to lower the risk of allergies and because their digestive systems aren't fully developed. But some babies are ready earlier than others. I have read that there is more nutrition in a tummy full of milk (breast or formula) than a tummy full of solids. I thought my son's weight might start taking off when he started on solids but it didn't, he's really happy and content and always has been so I've given up worrying about his size. Anyhow sorry about rambling on. Just follow your baby's cues. My personal view would be to try formula if your baby needs any supplement feeds in the early months, that's what I did with my son - who I am still breastfeeding now. I would suggest talking with your child health nurse, they have heaps of info. As I said before - you may find that he doesn't need any extra - but it's always good to be prepared. Hope this helps.

Hi again

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Thanks for your response Jas. I plan on only breast feeding for as long as I possibly can, or as long as he is happy. He was born 4.2 kg and is now 6.3 so he is happy enough so far. It just gets confusing when I keep hearing how "he will need to be on solids by 3 months, he's a big boy!". Will have to wait and see what happens, who knows? I am the one rambling.

Thanks for your input!
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