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Breastfeeding with the occasional bottle - help! Lock Rss

My little girl is now 3 months old and I have been breastfeeding since she was born. She feeds really well, but I need some advice about how to feed her occasionally with a bottle. I tried when she was 6 weeks old, but she didn't suck on it at all, just got really upset (it was expressed breast milk). How do I go about giving her a bottle, do I need to trick her somehow? Or hold her differently? I really have no idea. I used an avent teat. I would appreciate any advice anybody has. Thanks!

Fiona, VIC, 5yr, 3yr old and new baby

heya fiona,

i'm not sure how much help i can be, but i'll try smile
there is a new teat on the market, and i'm almost 100% sure it's a pigeon teat, and it simulates a nipple much better in that when bubby sucks the teat can be drawn back into the mouth just like our nipple. that may be one way of introducing a bottle.
you can find an advert for it in the latest issue of 'parents', the woolworthes parenting magazine.

also, have you asked dad or another family member to have a go feeding her? if she can smell your milk she will probably be less likely to want the bottle, even if it is ebm, does that make sense? i found the only way to wean my kids or to intro bottles was to enlist help from others, for the first few times.

another thought is changing postitions that you feed her. when your bottle feeding is it possible for you to use a different postion, one that is still comforting, loving and special, but maybe one that may detract a little more from you.

anyhow, like i said, i'm not sure if it's helpful but please let us know how your getting along smile

cheers and goodluck


sahm to 5 midgit circus freaks

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